Jersey Vargas’s Speech

On March 26, 2014, the Vatican Insider published the story of Jersey Vargas.   The little Mexican girl traveled from Los Angeles California to the Vatican in Rome to attend Pope Francis’ General Audience. At the end of the Audience, she hopped over one of the barriers and rushed to the front row, and met the Pope. Her purpose, was to speak out on behalf of her father Mario Vargas, currently being held in prison in the state of Tennesse for over a year awaiting deportation. Jersey asked the pope for help.  This resulted in a wave of press attention across the world — and yes, help for her father! Currently Jersey’s sister, Ledyi Vargas is in my COMM 101, public speaking class at Los Angeles Valley College.  The proud big sister, Leydi, brought Jersey to class with her and did a speech about her.  I then asked Jersey if she wanted to give a speech.  She jumped at the opportunity.  And in doing so, inspired the entire class with the power of her words.


I’m speech coach Duane Smith. I have served groups and individuals in the corporate and academic areas develop and improve their public speaking skills. I'm also a tenured public speaking professor at Los Angeles Valley College.

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  1. Big things come in small packages

    Illegal immigrants and deportation is an involved subject, one that I personally don’t know enough of to be able to speak intelligently about. But watching this little girl and her determination to get to the Pope to help bring her family together is awe-inspiring. When you think of the Pope you don’t assume that there’s anything that you as an individual could do to be able to get his help. But Jersey and her love of her father and family led her to believe anything is possible. She seized the opportunity and went for it. What’s even more mind blowing is that her older sister was one of your students. It’s a small world after all! To see this little girl stand up in front of your class and tell her story was just endearing, and honestly almost made me cry. She wasn’t in the least bit shy or needed her big sisters help. She was perfectly fine up there by herself, giving her story, her speech, to her audience. Taking her opportunity to shine will be something she will be able to do time and time again in the life ahead of her, with her family cheering her on.

    The article itself is one of hope, inspiration, and determination. To be able to tell a child “you can be anything you want to be”, and “study hard and you’ll be successful” is nothing if they do not choose to seize the moments that are presented to them. Out of the thousands of people in the crowds, Jersey made herself be that one person to get through. She needed to be there for her family. I’m not surprised if her sister was also an outstanding person. I’ve met a few great speakers in my life. When they speak you want nothing more than to take their skills and somehow ingest it to better yourself. You want to mimic them, to learn from them, and maybe be able to glean some sort of information that could help you become better. They inspire you, just like this little girl inspired the entire class.

  2. I was so taken back by Jersey’s speech. It is shocking and a bit sad to hear a little girl go through so much at her age.It truly did inspire me to see Jersey go through extreme measures to make a difference for the person she loves. I’m sure her father is proud of the daughter he raised! After all, not too many kids can say they went out of their way to reach out to the Pope and got the opportunity to go to the White House. Although numerous people perceive immigration in a negative way and is controversial, it is a topic that many Americans struggle with everyday. If a girl as young as ten can make a difference for her family, it should give others hope and inspire them to make a difference as well!

  3. This is very inspiring! One of the directives Duane Smith instilled in us is that a public speaker must fully celebrate every opportunity to speak. Jersey is up there talking about a very personal issue. Normally a lot of us around her age start keeping our thoughts in and becoming fear of stating our personal problems in public, but she is up there doing the opposite of what other kids are doing. To even do such a thing like that when in Rome, I also applaud her. She will go a long way and will probably do a lot more beautiful work helping bridge the gap between cultures as she ages.

  4. The story of Jersey Vargas, a 10 year old girl who is also an activist and an advocate for immigrants, is very inspirational and empowering. It is hard to believe that a girl of her age could summon the strength and determination to write to the Pope and ask him for help to get her father back. It is even more surprising and inspirational that she managed to get her father back to the United States and went on to speak in Washington DC on behalf of immigrants everywhere. This is another example of how determination, persistence and strength can bring results and help someone achieve his or her goals, especially in the case of a 10 year old girl.

    • I agree, despite popular opinion on children’s limited ability to comprehend and appreciate adult issues, children do not receive enough credit for their level of comprehension, at times even surprising us with insightful, matter-of-fact opinions exhibiting wisdom expected of someone with more life experience. In some situations children outperform adults by taking initiative through bold, decisive action instead of succumbing to the obstacles people normally use as excuses for inaction. Jersey Vargas is living proof of children’s audacity, under normal circumstances most people my age haven’t traveled outside the country, let alone imagine having the audacity to demand the attention of Pope Francis; simply to many excuses exist which Jersey didn’t allow to stop her. Jersey Vargas is a reminder to persevere for what not only is important to you, but truly meaningful in life.

  5. This is so inspiring! I’m blown away by her courage and her persistence in getting her message out there to the world. She said she “wanted to make a difference in the world” and look at that, she has! She’s made her statement about immigration in the big picture and she’s helped her own father and family. For some reason, it brought back a memory of 14 years ago when I was living and working in New York City when September 11th happened. I will never forget the experience of being in the city during that time. I will never forget the smell. It was the smell of burnt steel and death. I left the city on Sept. 15th because I was getting married in Tampa, Fl (my hometown), and I had to take a train for 24 hours which passed the smoking Pentagon. When Jersey spoke of seeing her Dad and hugging him after his long ordeal, it reminded me of that powerful moment of hugging my Dad when I got off that train after September 11th.

  6. Jersey is so admirable. I love her mix of wisdom and innocence. She is so eloquent and so passionate. She has her eye on the prize (prize being her dad). Her story is very moving and I am beyond ecstatic that she got what she set out to get. When you know what you want, it is not that hard to get it. The way that she organized her thoughts and delivered her message is so commendable. She has a very bright future ahead of her. I’m very grateful for her story, and it also teaches you that we all have struggles and challenges but it is no excuse to not be your best and do your best. Some people would us this circumstance be a victim and plan a pity party, but Jersey stood up and took control, that’s the way to get results.

    • Yes Jazmin! Too often in life, people take the crappy cards they’re dealt and become victims of their circumstances or “plan pity parties” like you said. I know it’s easy to do. We are human and we get hurt and feel overwhelmed sometimes. But this girl’s story is so inspiring because she saw no limits to what she could accomplish. She set her sights high and she got there! It’s like the Eminem message about seizing those opportunities.

  7. Most people her age don’t even know what immigration is yet this little girl is out their asking the Pope for help. I was truly amazed by the confidence of this little girl. Even though what she is going through was a debatable topic it is her family and she is standing up for what she believes in which many people don’t do and just stay there like the rest of the sheep and wait for answers. This girl was able to give such a good speech that most adults can’t do in front of their classmates yet in real life.

  8. Jersey Vargas did such a good job for only being ten years old. It’s pretty great to hear of her courage in hopes of getting her father back. I am very happy to hear that she got her wish. Just by listening to her speak, I can tell that this young lady has good thing yet to come in her future. I am sure she will achieve excellence and have many more opportunities to speak where she will most likely wow the crowd.

    • Most people her age don’t even know what immigration is yet this little girl is out their asking the Pope for help. I was truly amazed by the confidence of this little girl. Even though what she is going through was a debatable topic it is her family and she is standing up for what she believes in which many people don’t do and just stay there like the rest of the sheep and wait for answers. This girl was able to give such a good speech that most adults can’t do in front of their classmates yet in real life.

  9. Wow that little girl has a lot more pomp and confidence in front of an audience than I will probably ever have. Its amazing to see someone so young speak with such passion for a great cause. She loves her father and through her actions and willingness to speak charms you into listening to her story. This little girl has a very bright future if the insecurities that we all seem to gain throughout growing up don’t effect her to greatly. Her cause is admirable, and you want to route for her side do to her charm, which mind you has a lot to do with how young and cute she is, but also her willingness to prop up in front of a class with little hesitation. I can honestly say I am a fan.

    • I agree with you David. This little girl was able to do what most people can’t. She stood up for what she believed in. This does show that people need to ask other people help on things they need. No one is powerful just by themselves, they in some point in their lives needed a authority figure in life to help guide them and this girl has chosen the right direction at such a young age that she needs to ask others for help cause her or her family alone wouldn’t be able to much against the government themselves so they raised awareness.

  10. This is such a cool story. This little girl has such bravery to seek out someone as powerful as the pope to help her father! Not only that, but all the press that she has been through, she conducts herself with such confidence that is pretty incredible for someone her age. I think that she will be one to watch as she gets older, as she is already an advocate for immigration, if she is this collected in a public speaking setting now, just think when she gets older and more mature how powerful of a speaker she will be.

    • I was visualizing the same thing as you are stating. She will go a long way with time based upon what we have just seen. She is already doing a lot of great work by using her voice. This little girl is using her voice for more good at her young age than a lot of people will do in their lifetime. She has a great foundation and can only progress from that.

  11. After watching the video attached to this post, I wanted to know more about this brave little girl’s story! I watched few more videos and have read a few news post, and I must say I am impressed with Jersey’s courage and big loving heart. By loving her family and willing to do anything for her dad to be safe and not get deported, she actually have changed a lot more than his life, she changed lives of many people who are facing the same situation. I am pretty sure, we will hear her name over and over again, and she will change a lot for people. Bravo!

    • I think that showing such courage and persistence at such a young age is really remarkable, and I agree that we will probably hear about this girl again. Her father must be really proud of his daughter who stood up for him and her family.

  12. When I seen this girl on news segments and all over social media. The first thing I thought was what a brave little girl sending a great message to the country. I wish I was in your class so I could had have the chance to meet her. Her speaking in front of the class like she done it several times is amazing. Being able to speak in front of a group at such a young age well help her though out her life. I’m so glad she is doing what she does, she will encourage us older people as well as kids her age.

    • Monica, I was impressed with this little girl’s courage and strength too. And I think that besides everything you have mentioned, the openness and the purity of the words that children say makes everything she says, even more inspiring. She truly believes in every word she is saying, and I think that what adults are missing – we don’t always believe in what we are saying. And if we don’t believe; then, why our audience would?! She believes in her words, her story and so do we, and that is inspiring.

  13. Jersey Vargas’s speech goes to show that just by standing up for what you want, you have the power to make a change. She is younger than every single person at Los Angeles Valley College, and she has inspired all of us. It is evident that she is passionate about her family and her father’s rights and would take any and every opportunity to get up and speak on his behalf.

    I feel as though children have a lot less insecurities than most adults and we should learn from them. Children speak the truth without fear. Although many children are shy, a lot don’t worry about things like “Are they going to judge me?” “Are they going to like/agree with what I have to say?” “Do they think I look good?” These types of thoughts didn’t come into my head until I got older and started caring more about what others thought of me. If we can remember back to when we were younger and didn’t care about the little things, I think we’d all be better speakers. Jersey clearly didn’t worry about what the Pope’s opinion was of her, she just wanted to stand up for her family and share her story. We can all learn from her and view giving speeches as an opportunity to share our stories.

    • Mikayla,
      I totally agree, children have the freedom to say basically what they want because they haven’t learned through years of social interaction that somethings might not be received well. They just way what is on their mind. I envy them for that, because sometimes I hold back what I really want to say out of fear of rejection from others. The freedom of being a child is powerful.

    • Totally agree with your assessment in terms of insecurities. I feel that these insecurities have a lot to do with the nerves we feel when we go up in front of an audience. Children seem to not let these variables bother them or at least this little girl did not. If we can block out those insecure thoughts than speaking in front of an audience would be a lot easier. That just seems to be a lot easier said than done for some of us, including me.

  14. It’s unfortunate that having to fight for her father’s behalf became the impetus for Jersey to find her voice. No young child should have to do that. However, the one advantage she can draw from the experience is that she can accomplish anything – that by speaking up and demanding attention, truly great things can happen. Although the story does highlight the plight of immigrants (and I do hope Jersey’s family found resolution to their liking), it transcends that and becomes a young girl’s determination to seize an opportunity to speak and be heard – not just by the Pope, but to the countless other college students who will be seeing this video and be moved her courage to speak.

  15. this is story that goes to show what someone will do for love. not loving a partner, but loving a parent. a parent’s love is genuine and real. it is something that seems to taken granted by many children. Jersey jumped across a barrier to take to the pope. THE POPE. this little girl has serious courage to be able to talk to the pope to help her father. that is something that everyone should take with them. it does not have to be jumping over a barrier to talk to the pope, but to make that courageous leap for someone other than yourself, your parent. I can imagine what her father must be feeling waiting in a prison in Tennessee waiting to be deported, All he wanted was a better life for his daughters and family, he wanted to give them more then what he had. i think that is every parent. Jersey is a child that is not old enough to vote but she is already making change by her courage and heart.

    • Absolutely agree, this is true love! It also shows what coming from a loving home can do to a child. It roots so much passion and positivity in the minds and the hearts of youth. I agree that she has already made a change, and took a huge step of leadership in the right direction not only for herself and her family but for her community and the people watching her as well.

  16. Very good job with the speech she gained respect by many people. The intelligent courageous girl went all the Rome to meet the Pope in order to help her father. I found her speech inspiring and her personality is very strong. With her speech She proved that no matter how old you are, you can do your best if you are confident with yourself. She is a born fighter, which is obvious, and I wish more people would learn from this little girl how to fight for your rights and achieve your goals. I think that she should not stop on this, for she could become a great orator, leader. I really wish i had the chance to sit with her listen to her story, i think i can listen to it ceaselessly.

    • Elmira, she did gain respect from lots of people, she sure got mine when I heard about this little girl on the news. She is a great inspiration to all, its so amazing to see this little girl speak. The first thing I though also was I wish I had took this class when she was there it would have been an amazing experience to watch her speak.

  17. A child activist!!! I can’t believe it!!! I love kids. Kids seem more self assured when having to speak to people and the fact that she spoke in front of a college class without hesitation is unbelievable. Everyone knows that a child needs both parents in their life, not just for balance but for the love of a separate maternal and paternal figure. This child fought for her dad and she achieved her mission at doing so. She is an inspiration. The fearlessness at her age is not inherited but taught. Whoever showed this young woman to be fierce and to fight for what they want was doing the right thing. Hopefully she does not lose that fire as she grows up because she will be a very successful activist for many immigrants.

    • I do not think fearlessness at any age is taught and she proved this. You are so right that who ever lit her fire to never back down and always fight for what she wants is the person that deserves some credit. Jersey fought for her father and accomplished just this. But you make a point who was the one that showed her to never give up and chase even if the extreme chance seems so far. I do not think she should just be limited to an activist for immigrants, but to everyone.

    • Yes, I agree! Too often people underestimate kids or teens just because they seem immature for their age. Minors are just as capable as an adult in accomplishing a goal if they truly want it and have the drive. It’s surprising to say that she has probably accomplished many more goals than an adult has. Jersey is going places! I wouldn’t be surprised if I her name later on in the future!

  18. Jersey Vargas is a very brave little girl; it’s hard to believe she’s only (almost) eleven years old! When it comes to difficult subjects like illegal immigration and such, I always try to think of things from a really compassionate and human perspective. For people who are well-to-do privileged Americans born in this country, it’s easy for them to just say cruel and insensitive things about illegal immigrants and deportation because they are not putting themselves in the immigrants’ shoes. I think that when you try to imagine yourself in someone else’s situation, for example Jersey’s situation, you really see how hard this is on people like her, and you see their humanity. I think that Vargas’s story and speech were touching; these sorts of things should be put a spotlight on more often, so that everyone can see different sides of the complex subject that is immigration.

  19. It’s crazy to see all that this young girl has accomplished. I can’t imagine what kind of strength and courage it would have taken to jump over barriers and run to the front to ask the Pope for help. What she did could have resulted in some serious consequences but all she cared about was being able to help her father. I think everyone can learn a lot from her. We shouldn’t be afraid to speak up if something seems unfair or we want to voice our opinions or concerns on a matter. We are in America and have freedom of speech for a reason and it seems we don’t exercise that right enough. This truly amazing example Jersey set for us shows that speaking up for what you believe in can bring you reward. She even got to see the President which is very cool. Also, it is amazing that this young girl was able to stand in front of a group of college students and give a speech as well as she did. What an amazing young girl.

    • Anna,
      You hit it on the head! Yes, we enjoy the privilege to be heard under the protection of our Constitution. And yet, it’s a privilege we rarely exercise. I’m not sure if Jersey understands that her right to speak up is protected by law, but nonetheless, she felt compelled to speak (and to speak about it in front of a class) about her father’s plight. Much have been said for the lackadaisical attitude of today’s youth – but if Jersey is any indication, this stereotype is merely just that. She truly is to be commended.

  20. Wow! That’s an amazing story. At her age I was still watching cartoons or playing video games. It’s very impressive that this girl would go through such a journey at such a young age. It goes to show that she really loves her father, and would do anything for him. In an attempt to save her father she traveled to another continent and got a lot of media attention. She also got to meet the pope, which is pretty cool too. I’m amazed at how she was not afraid or embarrassed to get up in front of the class and speak. Very courageous.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing; that at her age I was watching cartoons or playing video games, while she’s out there trying to change the world. I admire her for doing what she did and it’s amazing to see how much she loves her father. I was also very impressed that she got up in front of the speech class and gave a speech without hesitation.

    • Yes!!! Cartoons and video games at age 10 sounds about right. This young girl with the mentality of a 30 year old amazes me. I remember that at that age I was so shy and afraid of everyone. Her courageousness gave her the opportunity to meet the Pope and the President, that in itself is amazing.

  21. I was really speechless after watching what Jersey did. With such a courage she was able to speak with the pope and let her voice be heard no matter the circumstances her family was in. It is mind blowing to see how with such faith she stood in front of millions of people to deliver a message and that was “to help her dad.” I can’t even begin to imagine how she felt when she ran towards the front to speak to the pope, it could have gone wrong, yet her courage made such an impact. Watching the video of Jersey sharing her experience in front of the class it’s unreal! what a brave little girl she is, so bold, with such powerful words. She has the audacity that some people lack of when it comes to delivering a speech. She leaves me with a message, and that is simply that being fearless can take you places that you’ve never been. Like Jersey, visiting the White house and even meeting with the President.

    • Zussette,

      Jersey definitely showed a great amount of courage when she traveled to speak to the Pope and when she stood in front of the class and shared her story. Her fearlessness has already gotten her so far in life and it will continue to help her get anything she wants. Sometimes you just have to realize what it is you want, and then simply ask for it. If you don’t ask, and don’t seize the opportunity to speak, the answer will always be no. We can all learn from Jersey’s courage.

  22. It’s great to see this young girl use her public speaking ability for such a noble cause. She’s so young but already has presence and confidence when she speaks. She is doing something that is very frightful for numerous people but she does not waiver. It is fantastic that she has the skills necessary to convey her ideas to the masses as such a young age. I’m glad her brave attempt to speak with the pope paid off. She did something so bold that many adults wouldn’t dare do. Due to this she was even able to meet the President! It is obvious to see that she will do well in life.

  23. It is crazy how a little kid like her have the mentality of an adult. Not every 10 year old in the world has the courage and will to do what she did for her father. She is a perfect example of how every kid should be. To fight for what she believes and not be shy. She got many good opportunities to meet different people because of her actions. When she was in front of the class she showed no fear or discomfort being up there, you can tell right away that she is going to be a smart girl when she grows up.

    • What you said about Jersey is so true! It is undeniable to watch the video and not be amazed at the fact that a 10 year old could have the courage to stand in front of a crowd and deliver a message that changed her life and her families forever. Watching the video made me think of how brave she is, sometimes or almost always we are afraid to stand up and give a speech, but not everyone! Looks like Jersey has a great career ahead, not afraid at all to speak her mind. Because of her boldness, courage, and public speaking skills she impacted the world and that simply gave her the opportunity to be in the white house along with meeting the president.

    • Yes, Edgar, not many kids think the way she does. She is a great example to follow. That sort of passion towards something and not being shy about it will take her a long way. She will be able to achieve anything in her life, and will probably go very far.

  24. The fact that individuals will stop at nothing for the ones they love continues to amaze me. The intelligent courageous girl went all the Rome to meet the Pope in order to help her father. I am heart broken that families are forced to part from their children. When i was three my sister got married and moved to a different country and i still remember how hard it was without it. She was not taken away from me but growing up without her was still very difficult for me. I can not even imagine how hard it must be for some families who are forced to leave their loved ones behind. I am truly inspired by Jersey’s brave actions. I really wish i was able to hear her speech from inside that classroom.

    • I agree with you in how hard I think it can be to be forced away from your family. I myself have not been through that and I would never want to experience that. I wished I would have seen her too. I can only imagine how inspirational she was to the class.

  25. Its so great to see how far people would go far someone they love. This is a story that should be on the news and hearing her story can truely inspire many people. Love can make someone do many crazy things and this is one of the best example. To go to the Vatican, meet the pope, and ask him for help! Its also very amazing how she was straight foward with her story, not moving around, no stuttering, no sense of fear or anxiety. Jersey is a brave girl and very inspirational and hope to see her on television so many people can hear her story.

    • You are very right. I would love to see more stuff like this one the news, a story of love and bravery that completely changes a little girl’s life. It is amazing all around. She was so bold and her presence is extraordinary for someone so young. She has a bright future ahead of her for sure.

  26. Jersey was blessed to have those things accomplished. For us adults, we can do that but we rationalize how it will be accomplish. She has that intuitive mind that many people would like to have, and her family background problems didn’t stop her from seeing her dad. If I was in that position, I wouldn’t know what to do from that point on. She is only 11 in this clip! Which is so surprising since many kids her age can’t confront of their past and it holds them down. If we can achieve from what the video represented us then we can also do it to. Never give up easily! Is what I word this video.

  27. wow, this kid is very brave pulling a stunt like that meeting the pope. Im glad the pope didn’t just ignore her away since she went inside the barrier. A lot of kids nowadays aren’t courageous enough to even get in front of a audience. Personally i dont have the guts at that age to do something like that. Maybe today i can do something like that. There is potential in the newer generation, i am glad the generations are not falling down but even getting better each year!

  28. Look at our Youth
    1) Jersey’s speech was very touching and inspirational. I could feel just how much love and admiration she had for her father. I commend her for being so brave and determined to help save her father from being deported. The love a child has for their parents is truly something that is untouchable and honestly if I were her age and my father was about to be snatched away from me, I too would have tried to do anything I could in order to prevent that from happening. I believe that she was able to speak with such ease and love because her father being deported is something extremely near to her heart. I think her love, dedication, and commitment to keeping her family together is astonishing. I think it also goes to show you that children do indeed have an understanding and know what love is. I also think it goes to show that children should not just be treated as if what they have to say doesn’t matter. Clearly it does matter because through her efforts and reaching out to authoritative figures, she was able to help aid in bringing her father back home. This definitely goes to show that every voice matters.

  29. I don’t think that this girl is a hero, I don’t think that this story is compelling at all. In my opinion we need to take more serious measures in securing our borders, beef up on more border patrol, and give law enforcements more rights to question illegal immigrants. This story floors me.

    Let me tell you a story. When I was 17 years old, I was trying to graduate high school a bit early so I could join the military. I was up doing extra credit homework until early morning hours. It was October and it was extremely hot because of the Santa Ana Winds, leaves from the tree in the front had fallen and were dry, my window was open so cooler air could come in, outside the leaves sounded like they were being stepped on by a person. I got up from where I was sitting to look but nobody was there. I disregarded it although my gut was telling me something different, I decided to go to the kitchen for some water and when I came back there was a man in my bedroom.

    I was only 17, this man was an adult, in his 40’s at that time, he had also been drinking…. He attacked me, he attacked me and I killed him. At 17 years old I was put in a position of defending myself, my mother and my 14 year old sister. Why was I put in that position? This man was later found out to be a illegal immigrant. Had he never come here, my family or myself would have never had to go through what we went through that night. I don’t feel an ounce bad about what I did, in fact I feel that I removed a roach from the street and that he will never be able to attack a teen, or kid, or adult again. However, this story could have gone very differently had I become afraid, or wasn’t strong enough to defend myself.

    Had we been more proactive against illegal immigration that would have never happened.

    This girls dad was obviously arrested in order to be deported. Did we even ask what he was arrested for before declaring her a hero? This man broke the law by coming here, so he is a criminal. Illegal immigrants should have no rights here in my opinion. They are what they are which is “Illegal immigrant’s”.

    Illegal immigrants have run down formerly beautiful neighborhoods, drove the crime rate up, cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

    There is nothing heroic about this girl. She has been taught to ask for a handout and when she does it get it in one country she simply goes to another foreign country and asks for it there.

    It is my hope that they continue to make stricter immigration laws in this country, as well as enforce and punish the people who violate these laws to the fullest extent of the law.

    It is not America’s job to save other countries people because their location is undesirable. It is up to the people of their country to make the place they live in a better one. If that means they start a revolution in their country so be it.

    The American people did that. We fought wars and won them to make this country. People fought for unions, they went on strike. The list goes on and on.

    After hearing this story I may join a cause to stop this nonsense. Illegal Immigration must be stopped. If people want to come here and live from foreign countries they need to bring something desirable to the table and STOP EXPECTING A HANDOUT! Not come here and commit sex crimes, D.U.I.’s with/without bodily injury, steal, and form gangs.

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS must learn to be responsible and America is not equipped to teach that so they should be sent back to where they are from……..

    • Wow kim0923, This is very bold thing for you to say and I appreciate you sharing with us. I personally think that could have been a fluke thing but I understand how traumatizing that must have been for you at such a young age. Thank GOD you are safe. I agree with you on a lot of the points you have made. Although, I think this child is brave for her age to stand up in front of a class and tell her story (I will give her that). I get it, America is an appealing place to “live the dream”and most of us came from illegal immigrants at one point in time. However, over population is occurring in America. You said it perfectly “Illegal immigrants have run down formerly beautiful neighborhoods, drove the crime rate up, cost taxpayers millions of dollars.” A lot of illegal immigrants come here get green cards by having fake marriages and they take many of our jobs. Maybe I am incorrect but this is just my two cents.

    • Kim i am really sorry for what happened. No one should ever have to be but in that sort of situation and i am happy to hear that you and your family were not harmed. and i think its really brave that you shared your story and i also agree with some of your points. You have a point. Illegal immigrants have run down formerly beautiful neighborhoods and drove the crime rate up but this girl is just trying to get her father back. You have to admit it is pretty brave.

  30. 10 YEAR OLD HERO
    Jersey Vargas is only ten years old, but she’s already a deeply committed activist — and she recently turned to Pope Francis to help her cause.
    As President Obama’s administration approaches a record-setting two millionth deportation, an immigration enforcement “accomplishment” never achieved by any other president, many faith leaders are rightly focusing on the hardship that each of these deportations inflicts on families and communities torn apart by our broken immigration system. However, lost in this important debate as to whether Obama should suspend deportations is the dangerous manner in which these deportations are being carried out.
    Unsafe deportations and careless disregard for the lives and security of migrants contribute to a humanitarian crisis on the other side of our border. This reality is undermining our nation’s commitment to preserve and protect human rights globally.
    Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has the authority, opportunity and the moral imperative to reform our nation’s deportation practices. He could do this by ending nighttime deportations and those to particularly dangerous locations, by maintaining family unity during the deportation process, and by ensuring the return of all migrants’ belongings.
    It is immoral and intolerable that deportations so often endanger the lives of deportees and cause trauma and tragedy. I join many others in the faith community in calling on the Administration to immediately enact simple deportation safeguards to protect migrant lives.
    An orderly deportation process would not fail to return a migrant’s money, cell phone or documents, stranding him on the border with no way to contact family, journey home, or prove his identity.

  31. “Out of the Mouths of Babes”
    I admire Jersey for being so outspoken. I could never have done that at such a young age. Heck, I get nervous enough standing up in front of the class to speak at my young age of 61. Plus, I get so tongue-tied when I try to speak to celebrities or authority figures like the Pope or Speaker John Boehner.
    I am really curious about the backstory for this whole trip. A ten-year-old girl doesn’t have the where-with-all to jump on a plane and flying to Rome by herself thinking she was going to be able to talk to the Pope. Who helped her? Who paid for the plane ticket? Who got her a passport? Where did she stay in Rome? I have so many questions. She didn’t just do this on her own.
    Oh to have all of that youthful energy and enthusiasm. The optimism to believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I don’t think I can even remember a time when I thought that everything was possible. In some ways I think that I must always have been old- been too serious- too conservative- too responsible- to stand up there, smile, and be full of optimism.

  32. . I was surprised and embarrassed at the same time when I watched and heard the video of this little girl’s speech. Jersey Vargas surprised me in the way that she could approach the issue and talk like an adult. She talks with confidence on the issue of immigration which is a huge concern in this country. For her young age, she had the courage that many of us, as adults, do not have, to stand up and fight for our rights and look for help. She is almost 11 years old, and has traveled to Rome and found her way to talk with the Pope in order to find help for her father who was in the deportation procedure, as other thousands of fathers and mother are right now in this country do to insensitive laws. Her attitude grabbed the international attention leading to pressure the government in the United States, to give her father back to her. I said that I felt embarrassed because at my 46 years old I am not able, or neither do I have the confidence to speak in front of a public audience, to me that is a huge fear that I not able to overcome yet.

    • I too agree with you. It is so amazing to see how brave she is for what she has done and being able to tell her story in front of the whole class without breaking a sweat. That beingg said I feel sad that I can’t say a few words without stuttering.

  33. Being only at the age of ten years old, little Jersey was very inspirational. Although the tone she spoke in was very monotone, she still managed to get her message across and not only astonish but also entertain the audience. The subject she was educating the audience on is a very popular topic that has the United States constantly debating over. Unfortunately, many illegal individuals are imprisoned wrongfully not only harming the individual, but also the family included. Her story was very touching and also portrayed the courage a young girl has and how powerful her love is for her father that she traveled to Rome and made it to the front to tell her story to the Pope. Her speech made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to. She set her mind at the age of ten to reach out to the Pope to get the word out and she did. She felt the need to stand up for her family and she did especially her brother. She also managed to get the White House’s attention as well which is a big deal considering the fact even some war heroes are not recognized as they should be by the White House. Although she was only ten years old, little Jersey will grow up to be a very inspirational and powerful public speaker in the future.

  34. Jersey, the Brave

    Jersey’s story was undeniably compelling. The fact that she push towards something she believed in as a means to cry for help, is inspiring. She fought for her father because she did not want him to get deported. At such a young age, to be able to do what she did gives a slap to those who fail to fight for what they want. Although, I do not necessarily agree with illegal immigration, her courageous act inspires me to go out there in the world and fight for whatever it is that I want. On top of her courageous act, without any hesitation, she stood up there in front of a classroom and told her story. Willing to speak in front of people is a rare act in society. The whole “I’m afraid of what people might think of me,” is the usual response that people nowadays give when asked to talk in front of others. Jersey is only 10 year’s old and having that eagerness to act and speak exhibits how children do have voices. They speak their mind as well as act on it, some qualities that many adults do not have. I applaud her for her persistence and her confidence. She exemplifies “the future of tomorrow.”

    • I believe that everyone has different opinions when it comes to topics such as immigration, however I don’t think anyone would disagree that this was a moving speech. She told such a compelling story in a short amount of time and yet conveyed such tremendous efforts she went through in order to keep her family together.

  35. As soon as Jersey opened her mouth I was astonished! By the way her words came out calmly and so gracefully she build confidence in me within the two minutes of just watching her speak. Jersey is a brave little girl, she knows what she wants and this is just the beginning for her. To be standing for what she believes in and trying to have her family together. I do not know anyone as brave as her to be speaking with politicians by proving her point and trying to make a difference at such a young age! Throughout the two minutes I forgot Jersey’s age, she blew my mind away. Jersey inspired me to feel as confident as she was. I have never in my life met a little girl her age with so much confidence; better yet be mature as she is. There are many adults I have came across in the past and even today who have not had a much confidence as Jersey has had. At the end of the video, I noticed that she was presenting to what it seemed a college classroom; bravo to her. Jersey is not only her father’s hero, but her family’s hero. I do not know of anyone who is as brave as her, to go speak to the Pope and different politicians to going to Washing D.C by herself, all to prove her point by making a difference and helping her father stay with her and her family.

    • I agree with her about that little girl. Many of us have anxiety of public speaking. Some of us cannot feel self-confident with the audience. Many people looking for help, some of them asking for it, and only small percentage of people reach the goal. People like Jersey and her father deserve justice and help

    • Mario Vargas was freed from a detention facility in Louisiana after he posted $5,000 bond. A relative who saw his daughter Jersey Vargas on television pleading with the pope during a public audience helped with the funding, said his wife, Lola Vargas.

      “It was the best thing ever,” Jersey said, choking back tears, according to CBS Los Angeles. “I didn’t celebrate my birthdays because my dad wasn’t with me. I’ve been waiting for him.”
      We are faced with the responsibility of meeting new people almost every day, conversing with them, and eventually aiding them with the task at hand. Of course, much of the assistance is given through spoken words, but the true question is “How are our bodies communicating?” This may seem like an awkward inquiry at first, but the truth is that we are speaking volumes simply through body language.

  36. Jersey’s Heartwarming Speech

    This speech is very inspiring in so many ways. Jersey was able to tell her story in a way that seemed relaxed and informed. She didn’t hesitate at all and retold the story with such confidence, it is really amazing how well put together she came off. I was not expecting this video to be about such a young girl. It just goes to show how much confidence young people can have. Sometimes I feel like I struggle with my own fears that stem from being judged. She seems to not worry about any of that and just wants to talk about her trip to Rome. The one major thing I noticed was her presentation style. After taking a linguistics class I can recognize that she is from southern California due to her “Valley Speak”. One of the characteristics of Valley Speak is a rise in intonation at the end of declarative sentences. In several instances Jersey ended her sentences in a way that almost sound like a question. It’s not a criticism, more of an observation of a speech phenomenon that has penetrated all cultures. Nonetheless, she is a very brave little girl and I’m glad that she was able to speak on behalf of her family for the greater good. I truly hope that she was able to make a difference.

    • Yes, I have to admit that I did notice Jersey’s “Valley Speak” as well; it almost sounded like some of her sentences were questions. But either way, I still think she did a spectacular job, especially for her age. Most young children freeze up and stutter when put in front of a crowd. Actually, so do a lot of adults! Perhaps Vargas will continue to be a speaker or activist, and maybe learn more speech skills as well; she’s got potential.

  37. I like the fact that she didn’t hesitate to give the speech, she saw an opportunity and went for it. Jersey’s presentation was so outstanding. At first I thought she would get the anxiety since she was a little girl talking in front of adults. She kept everything calm and together. She said whatever she needed to say at the moment without hesitation. I must say she sounds like she was enjoying her presentation, and in return her audience enjoyed her speech. Her body language was unbelievable for a little girl like. Her story is so inspiring and sad at the same time. It’s scary having your father in prison or having him deported at a tender age. Am so inspired that she didn’t give up on her dad, she used her confidence, and good speaking skills to have her dad back. I especially liked the part where she said she was doing it for all her other people, such beautiful soul at a young age. I like the willingness she has to stand for the right thing, and she is not scared of anything. Am happy for that she has her father back, and that she also met the pope. I really adored her presentation, It was amazing!!!

  38. First of all she is a brave girl, for none of us adults could do what she did in her young age. He is a little hero, not just for her family, but for all people like her! She is also hero for her ability to speak in front of audience, which most of us prefer not to do. I found her speech inspiring and her personality very strong. With her speech Jersey proved that no matter how old or young you are, you can do your best if you are confident with yourself. She is a born fighter, which is obvious, and I wish more people would learn from this little girl how to fight for your rights and achieve your goals. I’m glad her story had a good end. And I think that she should not stop on this, for she could become a great orator, leader. I wish to see more of her speeches in a future. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of kids like Jersey, whom she represents, who also fights for their right to see their families together, and who would also see the Pop if they would have a chance, so do not stop Jersey and be their inspiration!

    • I completely agree with your post. Jersey is so brave. Like Professor Smith said, public speaking is the number 1 fear in life and number 2 fear is dying, so people would rather be dead then speak in front of an audience but Jersey makes it look so easy. She is a total natural. I am excited to see what becomes of her when she grows up if this is what she is capable of at 10 and already talking to politicians in Washington about immigration issues. She is an amazing little political prodigy.

      • Hello Rosario Aslanian, it is funny how you said she made it look so easy because you took the words right out of my mouth. You’re absolutely right, Like Professor Smith said, public speaking is the number 1 fear in life and number 2 fear is dying. Its crazy how that is isn’t it? Especially after watching Jersey speak in front of college students as if she is talking to her mother at home so freely with no shame and full of confidence. Crazy thing is I am 21 years old and I look up to this little girls performance. Just amazing.

  39. Jersey is a wonderful little girl with great ambition and courage. I empathize with her for being so young and being put into a very challenging position with regards to her father being selfish by having her born in the States – even when he knew that he was not a legal citizen and had the potential to get exported. I admire her tenacity in fighting for what she wants. However, I feel she is addressing the wrong side of the political issue of immigration into the US. At 10 years old she naively argues in plight of illegal immigrants and their families who face deportation and separation. Unfortunately, the real issue concerns the illegal immigrants who selfishly have children in the States – illegally, merely to use them as an excuse to allow themselves to stay unlawfully. Jersey’s father is the perfect example of this behavior and mentality. I do believe that what she did was courageous for her age. If her father and the many other illegal immigrants gained US citizenship legally and lawfully rather than finding and manipulating the loopholes in the US system, then the immigration separation issue wouldn’t necessarily exist to the degree that it does today. My mother’s side immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and England; each and every one of my maternal family members became legal citizens before having children. I have also met countless others whose families have become legal citizens before having children here as well. Although I applaud Jersey for her courage, what she didn’t mention was the fact that her father Mario Vargas was arrested in Tennessee the year prior and convicted of driving under the influence before he was taken into federal custody to determine whether he should be deported or not.

    • I think after all that, her family and specially her father should be thankful to her for the rest of their lifes. What she did is a hard job for 11 year old immigrant girl. She spoke for whole family in front of Pop. She was not scared by television and guards. Brave girl, she was able to do unbelievable!

    • I agree with what you said about Jersey’s father being selfish. I also do not agree with the whole “illegal immigration,” happening in the U.S. Though, I believe that a majority of the illegal immigrants that come to the U.S. want a better life because the U.S. does offer better opportunities, but there are a few who had planned to have children in the U.S. so that they would be able to live here. This causes overpopulation and higher expenses.

    • Emmy, thank you for giving me an entirely different perspective on the question of illegal immigration, and those immigrants having children. I never would have thought about it in terms of the immigrants themselves being selfish when they had children in the United States with the constant threat of deportation hanging over their heads. I guess I just know of too many immigrants who haven’t waited until they become citizens to have children.
      I appreciate seeing it through a new pair of glasses.

  40. Brave Little Hero
    I had never heard of this news. Plus, it happened in Tennessee, my hometown. I am a bit surprised nobody from my town informed me (because I have family that loves to share info)! At any rate, she is a little woman going through a lot. Having been separated from her father, she has taken it upon her little soul to tread out in search of someone who would just HEAR HER OUT. The magical part of communication, something that is incredibly lacking, in my opinion, is the art of LISTENING. She went to Vatican City to talk to the Pope, in hopes that he would just hear her story, and he did. Now, from her experiences with the hardships of the State having taken her father away from her, she becomes a little soldier to go out and speak about her turmoil. To me, she the little hero that humanity desperately lacks in their heart in this corporate-owned United States. She is the epitome of the human voice. She did not seem the least nervous standing in front of the class, answering questions. Little kids with powerful voices can move mountains. I certainly hope for the best for her. Bravo, little one!

    • Wow! This girl is A HERO! Her speech was amazing! I always admired people who go for strong actions without fear of obstacles. She went to Rome and spoke with a Pope Francis, and after she reached the White House. I understand her situation, because I am an immigrant too. Lucky, I got a chance to start my new life here, without any problems. Jersey Vargas is the perfect example for many people. She is the embodiment of courage and honor! She has done everything possible to bring her father back to USA and start a better life, with full legalization of the family. That story touches my heart.
      I hope that the story abbot Jersey and her family will be a good lesson for people who don’t appreciate what they have living in this country. Unites States offers many opportunities for people such as good education; good government system, secure of people and a lot of opportunities to grow up and be succeed in this country. People like Jersey Vargas could move the world to a higher level of morality. I think government should pay more attention to immigration cases to help good people to stay and live in the best country. The story of Vargas family is unfortunately not unique. A similar story is described in the movie that I recommended to watch; movie call “A BETTER LIFE” (2011) Here is a similar situation but without a happy ending.

    • “Little kids with powerful voices can move mountains.” I totally agree with your statement. It doesn’t matter about the number given to a person but rather their ability to reason and understand. For being 10 years old, she did have a lot of confidence to speak in front of an audience of strangers. She definitely does have a bright future ahead of her if she remains confident in herself and her ability in achieving her aspirations in life.

    • Hi Ampha,

      I agree with you that she didn’t seem to be nervous at all. That was the thing I was most surprised about. Judging from the other people in the class, it seems like this is not a class of her peers. She is speaking in front of people that are significantly older than her, yet she tells her story without awkward pauses or losing her train of thought. Truly inspiring!

      Francisco Duran

  41. Brave Little Hero

    I had never heard of this news. Plus, it happened in Tennessee, my hometown. I am a bit surprised nobody from my town informed me (because I have family that loves to share info)! At any rate, she is a little woman going through a lot. Having been separated from her father, she has taken it upon her little soul to tread out in search of someone who would just HEAR HER OUT. The magical part of communication, something that is incredibly lacking, in my opinion, is the art of LISTENING. She went to Vatican City to talk to the Pope, in hopes that he would just hear her story, and he did. Now, from her experiences with the hardships of the State having taken her father away from her, she becomes a little soldier to go out and speak about her turmoil. To me, she the little hero that humanity desperately lacks in their heart in this corporate-owned United States. She is the epitome of the human voice. Bravo, little one!

    • I really agree with you. Very well said. What also astonished me was the fact that she was so determined to get the word to the Pope that she broke through the large crowd of people being her size and made it to him! The way you used war terms and tied them to her situation was very smart.

  42. Jersey Varga’s story is incredible. She took charge, and created change through her courageous actions. I believe what stands out most for me is that this even has to happen. It shows how flawed our immigration system is in the United States. Although I do not know her dad’s case, or exactly why he was being deported, the fact of the matter is that this family was was destroyed because of bad politics. Regardless of the cause of the problem, this should not have been the outcome. The United States government should have handled it better. Jersey Vargas stands for change because she proves that our politicians are not working hard enough. If her father had been deported, she would not have grown up with liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as this country ensures. That is not the American way. That is not what the United States stands for. Not only do we ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to every citizen, but also we welcome every person, regardless of race, to this country with open arms. Jersey’s life if it had not been for her courageous actions would not have been in line with the American way. That is the fault of this government. I am glad we have people like Jersey in our world because she acts as a catalyst for change. She splashes the cold water in our faces while we lay unconscious to the reality of our nations issues. If it weren’t for people like Jersey keeping our system in check, our system of government would fall beneath us threw the cracks of corruption.

  43. Inspiring Young Girl
    Jersey Vargas is a young inspiring girl who has done a lot for her age. For someone who is eleven, she has done more stuff than I have and probably than anyone else. She got to go to Rome and meet the Pope and went to the White House. How many people can say they have gone to Rome and also met the Pope, and also say that they have gone to the White house. But other than that, she is a young brave courage’s and a future leader. She already at a young age is fighting for her people and for immigration. She is already speaking in front of classes which takes a lot of courage. At 21 I am still scared to talk in front of people and she spoke very well in front of a college class. Maybe in the future she will be talking to a crowd next and leading them. I hope she continues on this path and she can maybe make a big difference in the Hispanic world. She sure looks like a future leader and can definitely help her people a lot. This girl has a very bright future, and I’m sure she will make a difference in the world.

    • Thank you for that. Jersey will indeed be a future leader – not because of her spunk, but because of her fearlessness to speak when something hurt her. She was an innocent victim, a casualty, and she can now relate to the victim side as she grows and matures. I think all too often that our leaders have never been victims suffering any real, personal tragedy. If we look at them all, they all have sizeable bank accounts, homes – a measure of personal wealth that all but guarantees that their interests will ALWAYS be protected by professionals in whatever field necessary such that they never really have to speak. Jersey and her family apparently had none of those trappings of wealth. Thus, she, a little girl with a voice, took matters into her own hands, saw an opportunity, seized it, was well received, assisted and cured her own ill as a result. Her pending broken heart was in fact healed by her own hand. Amazing!

    • Brian I agree with you when you say that this little girl for her age has done more stuff than anyone else. I am also agreed that Jersey Vargas is fighting for her people and immigration situations and that she could become a great and big politician later on who is going to stand up for all the immigrants in general, but especially for Latino immigrants like her family.

  44. Jersey inspires me to think about inevitable rewards for special undertakings. She made me feel that anything is possible and if we stand for something alone, there may be others that we actually assist by raising our voices. Often, there are many others suffering from similar circumstances, that are too ill, too consumed or too afraid to lift their voices. I do not believe that we suffer from circumstances unique to us. Rather, I believe our reluctance to speak or investigate makes us feel isolated and alone when in reality, there are many like us.

    I am so very happy that Jersey’s actions resulted in winning her Father back – for good. Loss of a Father is a nightmare that no child should go through. In fact, as I am learning in other classes, the whole concept and label of ‘immigrant’ should be re-evaluated. The U. S. has invaded and taken over so very many countries and cultures, leaving a footprint of poverty and cultural suffering in its wake. How is it that the U.S. does not expect the citizens’ whose land and culture changed for the negative as a result of U.S. policies, not to seek comfort in reaching for the American Dream – in America?

    Thank you Jersey for your thoughts, actions and most of all – your bravery.

  45. Her public speaking skills are beyond great and I remember how a good speech can persuade lots of people by its pathos. This young girl has every skill to persuade her audience by her great speech. I can’t really say I have experience the whole immigration even though I’m Hispanics because both my parents where born in the U.S. Yet I seen many of my friends struggle when it comes to school cause some of them where not born in the U.S. which it makes it very difficult for them to afford school. Sometimes I see these cases of families being broken apart in the news and its very sad not just for the wife but for the impact it has on the children and the scarring it does as well. its crazy that so young and she had a chance to actually meet the pope. Although you could already tell she will have bright future ahead of her. Hopefully in the near future the whole immigration systems finds a way to legalize all hard working people that actually come to this country for better opportunities cause even us that are born here we are all just trying to find better opportunities and to better our conditions in general.

    • Her speaking skills are very good. She had a lot of courage on stepping in front of that class. I am sure not many kids would do that and especially talk about making a difference in immigration. A lot of Hispanic people have struggles when they are not born in the US but I am sure this girl will make a difference in the future. I wouldn’t be surprise if we heard from her again ten years from now or even sooner. She does have a bright future ahead of her and I just hope she continues to follow this pathway.

  46. This little girl discouraged me at first and at the same time inspires me. At her short age, she is so brave and so good and confident when she speaks in public it’s really amazing. She is a symbol that any human being is capable of taking advantages of the qualities that they can possess regardless of their age.

    • That is right, Silvia! Age knows no boundaries to speech. A lot of times, adults “hush” the little child or the adult does not take time to understand that children have a lot of voice. They are not stupid just because they are small and has little human experiences. Little one here proves these adults wrong. I think she is a little hero with a big vision. I am sure from what has happened to her little life via her father’s turmoil, she will use this to help others find their own voice within, not to let life’s setbacks stop you from accomplishing what you want and need.

  47. Jersey Vargas gave a great example of fighting for what she believed in and for what she loves. I saw her as Time consuming, Inspiring and dedication. The time consuming was due to the fact that she spared some of her own time to actually go up in front of the class for her sisters presentation especially having to wake up that early in the morning for a kid that didn’t have school that day still being in winter break. Inspiring to see her not being shy and go in front of the class giving a small brief speech on what she had to go through and what she had to present to the pope I order to fight for her fathers freedom of going back home with her and the rest of her family. The dedication she had of being brave, having a mindset, not being shy, preparing herself to know what she wanted to say in order to inform and persuade the people to somehow help her and her family to bring her father back to them. Dedication to actually open up and explain that she didn’t want her father to get deported, knowing the pain she was going though, having the thought that he was going to loose her family; on not being able to se him any time soon in her life. Immigration is actually one of the hardest and very mind touching to think bout and fear about. The important role from her was to be confident and have the courage to fight for what you believe and really want in order to accomplish it; which in this case for her was getting her father back. She will be the inspiration to many families and many other kids to stand up for what the believe on wanting with a great state of mind of giving a speech, she clearly made herself well known by many public speakers.

  48. I was just amazed when I heard Jersey’s story and the way she spoke in front of class so eloquently. At her young age Jersey has already accomplished more than what many of us have accomplished. She met the pope and demanded justice for her father. Her determination to get things done and fight for what she believes in make her a very courageous and inspiring girl. Jersey Vargas is also someone with a big heart and the day she spoke in class I enjoyed her speech more than any other. Her story made my day and made me feel proud to have been part of the audience. It’s just amazing how a girl her age can think so maturely and be extremely smart. I can only imagine what Jersey Vargas will one day grow up to be, with that brain of hers and the courage she has to stand up for what she believes in, she is definitely getting far in live. I was watching another interview of Jersey in Spanish and she speaks way better Spanish than many Mexican Americans (no disrespect to any of you, I am one myself). The way she expresses herself is something to admire. The day she gave her speech in class made me realize how important it is for parents to support their children in any ideas or beliefs they have. This definitely makes kids feel lot more confident and feel passionate for what they believe in. It opens up their mind, makes them think out of the box, and makes them feel like anything is possible. I see Jersey Vargas becoming a politician one day, a good one. She already has something in her resume to feel proud of; she has traveled and experienced many things that have made her very knowledgeable. Keep it up Jersey.

  49. I agree with Aida Baghdasaryn because courage can come in small packages and this girl is living proof. She’ll have a bright future without a doughty in my mind because Jersey is the definition of brave. Dreams do come true if we believe and chase them they always find you. Jersey Vergas is more mature then most of the children her age she knows dedication to achieve her goals and that is a smart child. That at her your short lived life she has so many wonderful qualities going for her. And I agree a person like this is destine to achieve get wonders.

  50. Jersey Vargas is such an inspiration that at her young age she is braver then most children and even adults. I admire her strength because despite her height age race or obstacles she made have had, she fought for something she was passion it about. Her father. This little girl has taught us a lesson to both adults and children though out the world because if you speak out people listen. Though the power of communication and speech qualities you could be heard worldwide and even make a difference. I was very fortunate to meet this incredible young girl in my class. Her story toughed my heart how her father was deported and instead of sitting around crying she was able to find some strength and travel to Vatican Rome and see Pope Francis. She was able to speak to him and ask Pope Francis to help her father. Due to this action and her strength, she able to touch and soften the hearts of millions of people. But most of all her dedication, strength, courage, words and innocence was able to bring her father back home. I wouldn’t know what I would have done if I was in her shoes because although my parents were both born in Mexico and traveled her illegally they were able to obtain documents eventually. But I hope Jersey Vargas strengths brings us one step closer to ending immigration because its braking families apart. My uncle hasn’t been able to see his family for more than 10 years because of immigration. And I hope one day like Jersey’s father he could reunite with us. Am happy Jersey’s story had a great ending and she was able to reunite with her father because she fought for what was right families united. Today this little girl deserves everyone’s respect because she’s a true role mole and taught that words do have power.

  51. Jersey Vargas is such an inspiration. She’s so young and so smart fighting for what she believed in, and Traveling all the way to the Vatican, with the purpose of asking for help. From the beginning she was determined to speak with the pope to let him know what children like her are facing when their families are suddenly separated. And how it affects her life and her family. I think that most of the time people often don’t pay attention or don’t care about the way children react to situations like these. And after seeing jersey speak out for all those children and herself I think people will now think more about the children and how their decisions have an impact on their lives. Her parents must be very proud of her as well as her sister who brought her in to the classroom. I can’t imagine how scary it might be for a young girl who is 10 years old to travel across the world to speak to not only the pope but to really be heard and make a difference in the world. But the thought of being without her father was probably scarier. Hearing her speak during class really made me see that anything is possible as long as you are determined and let nothing stop you. And if she could do it any of us could do it too. Her courage to speak to big crowds and lots of people is amazing, especially for her young age. At her age I dreaded making any type of presentations or in front of people. She is so brave and her story is inspiring I am so glad that I was able to hear her speech that day in class. And I’m so happy for her that she was able to bring her father back home. Great Job Jersey!

  52. Title: Jersey Vargas the brave
    It was such an honor to meet this little girl that made such a difference in the world. I had never heard of her story before, and to meet her in a speech class was awesome. Jersey is a child that has courage and she managed to do so much with the power of speech. Furthermore, she is a well gifted child because views life differently than other children. Many children her age do not focus on life and it being unfair sometimes, yet Jersey for being ten-years-old felt a great determination to take a step into bringing her dad back. The way Jersey took a brave step to helping bring her father back home, shows that she had a great bond with him and her family. I believe that when strong bonds are formed between family members and even friends, it could defeat even the toughest of the obstacles. It also means that her dad is a good man and took care of his family and like she mentioned him and his family came here looking for a better future. The speech she gave in class was inspiring and it made me think what I would do if it was me in her shoes. My parents as well as hers are immigrants and it is scary to think that they could be taken away from me one day. I am enormously full of joy to know that Jersey accomplished her mission and brought her father back, this shows that speech has an amazing power, and thanks to her words her father is safe and reunited with his whole family.

    • I agree with Cynthia. A lot of people her age are not even considering politics or understand anything that makes our world go round. She is special because she is an activist at such a young age. It makes me reassured that our next generations will be able to fix the mistakes of people in the past. She is extremely brave and I also ponder what I would do in her shoes.

  53. Jersey Vargas Courageous Speech

    After watching Jersey’s speech, I must say that her story is as compelling as her courage to stand up and speak in front of the classroom. Jersey Vargas demonstrated to me that no matter what age you are, you can truly make a difference in the world, if not for an individual. Jersey went to such great lengths and extent to get her word out and to save her father from deportation. Jersey made it a commitment that she was going to raise awareness and seek out help through people of power. In contrast, Jersey made the ultimate adults nightmare a walk in the park. Jersey made me realize that Public speaking is something that can be done regardless of how young or old you are. In this video, Jersey maintained good eye contact with the audience, in addition, she spoke to the audience at a satisfactorily level for her age, and most of all, she did not run off to her seat after she finished her speech, she stood there and took a few seconds, demonstrating her courage and no shame in standing up and sharing her life experience and story to a classroom full of audience member strangers. Given the fact that Jersey was only 11 years old gives me even greater confidence and courage to want to go in front of a big group of audience members / strangers. If I was her age, I probably would of urinated on myself in fear and embarrassment. In my opinion, Jersey Vargas would make a great example of a youth speaker, she has great potential to thrive in the field of Speech and in my opinion she should be taken around to more schools, classrooms, and venues and she should continue practicing, this will not only boost her self esteem but it will make her a better speaker and presenter, most beneficial to her future.

  54. After watching Jersey’s speech, I must say that her story is as compelling as her courage to stand up and speak in front of the classroom. Jersey Vargas demonstrated to me that no matter what age you are, you can truly make a difference in the world, if not for an individual. Jersey went to such great lengths and extent to get her word out and to save her father from deportation. Jersey made it a commitment that she was going to raise awareness and seek out help through people of power. In contrast, Jersey made the ultimate adults nightmare a walk in the park. Jersey made me realize that Public speaking is something that can be done regardless of how young or old you are. In this video, Jersey maintained good eye contact with the audience, in addition, she spoke to the audience at a satisfactorily level for her age, and most of all, she did not run off to her seat after she finished her speech, she stood there and took a few seconds, demonstrating her courage and no shame in standing up and sharing her life experience and story to a classroom full of audience member strangers. Given the fact that Jersey was only 11 years old gives me even greater confidence and courage to want to go in front of a big group of audience members / strangers. If I was her age, I probably would of urinated on myself in fear and embarrassment. In my opinion, Jersey Vargas would make a great example of a youth speaker, she has great potential to thrive in the field of Speech and in my opinion she should be taken around to more schools, classrooms, and venues and she should continue practicing, this will not only boost her self esteem but it will make her a better speaker and presenter, most beneficial to her future.

  55. for me Jersey Vargas is a great example for all of us because she had the courage to speak for many children who are going through separation from their families and their courage to speak with Pope Francis about immigration status for color religious leader talk to the president of the United States. that pride for each child represents Jersey Vargas know that she and many of them are going through a separation from their family because of the deportations that government doing with people who are not legal in this country. but thank God jersey is a Latin pride for the government to united states put a halt to deportations and not let separated either parent having to be separated from their children.

  56. Jersey Vargas gave a great example of fighting for what she believes in and for what she loves. I want to start by first saying she is a very brave young girl for accepting the opportunity of showing up to class and later on giving a small brief speech. I at this age still have a huge fear talking in front of a big audience. She is young and has already done many things a adult wish they can do. While she told us that she went to meet the pope asking for his help; so her father wouldn’t get deported she sounded very confident and was inspiring to see the way she talked. Its sad to know the pain she was going through thinking she was not going to see her father anytime soon. Immigration is something most families do tend to think about, and fear. I believe that we are all the same in the inside so why put a different kind of race in a category why cant the whole world have the same right. The important thing about her great confidence and courage is that she accomplish what any person would want, which is get her father back. She is the inspiration to other kids. People would look up to this young girl that made herself be known by public speaking.

    • Hello becerril.b, after reading your statement, you make good points in relation to Jersey’s fight, courage, and overall determination to keep her father in the US. I could imagine many immigrant families living in this nation having to hide or worrying about deportation. Sadly, this is a topic for a different discussion. But, in relation to Jersey Vargas, this girl not only demonstrated to me that confidence can be achieved at any age, but also, just as you stated, she is an inspiration to kids and in my opinion everyone relating the immigration topic and public speaking, this video should serve to us as an example that bravery and courage can be achieved in many aspects of life. Great job Jersey!

    • I agree with Brant Jersey was very inspiring and did something most adults wouldn’t be able to have the guts to do. She new exactly what she wanted and was not giving up until she got what she wanted.She has what many of us lack on and that is confidence . With all her confidence she was able to accomplish and getting her father back. She will be and inspiration towards all society and indeed made herself known by all the public speakers.

  57. Jersey Vargas’ speech was inspirational. She was talking about her father, which was emotional, but she was able to do it well. Her courage to take risks and help her father, especially at such a young age is amazing. It shows that she is very confident and has a big heart. Her story inspires me because life is hard and having courage and taking risks is a big part of life. Even her speech showed her confidence. A lot of kids would be shy to stand up in front of adults and make a speech and Jersey was able to do that so well.

  58. Courage can come in small packages

    When I was eleven I was awkward and dreading the new school year and this strong little girl would put my eleven year old self to shame. She visited the Vatican, the White House and she had the courage to pass, not just anyone’s security, but the Pope’s security and barriers to help her father and other kids that are going through the same thing. I’m happy to have the opportunity to be able to have this video brought to my attention. I decided to click on other links to fully understand what went on and i’m happy that I did because I got to hear such an inspiring and amazing story. While I watched a couple more of the videos, although I couldn’t fully understand, because it was in spanish, I understood a couple phrases here and there and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I kept thinking like what if that had happened to my family, and to my dad? I don’t know if I would have the same opportunity that this beautiful eleven year old had. I can’t even begin to think about the pain this family went through. Families from the United States, or actually families from anywhere, shouldn’t have to face such hardships, but I know that this is unavoidable and it truly saddens me. Having your family separated and feeling like you can’t do anything about it is terrible.This is happening to lots of families and they aren’t always as fortune as Miss. Jersey Vargas and her family. According to the Huffington Post she said that when she meets Pope Francis shes, “… going to introduce myself and where I’m from, and say I’m representing millions of children who today are in my situation … and I think it’s unfair that people are separating families because right now is a time when kids really need their parents.” This quote is very important to me because it’s very much true, kids at such a vulnerable, young age need their parents. Having your father, a man who was there for you and loves you unconditionally, taken away it scars young kids because they probably can’t fully comprehend why this is happening. This is the type of story that I thought only happened in other cities. Before I saw this video I didn’t think that something so epic would happen to a family in a city that i’ve known for so long. It just proves that when you have determination, love, and courage almost anything is possible. Jersey made me realize that you should never stop chasing a dream and never stop trying to overcome an obstacle, no matter how difficult they may be. Jerseys’ father and family are obviously more than proud of her. Jersey will make a difference in the future because at such a young age she was striving for a better tomorrow. Although this story may not have been heard by everyone she will definitely be a part of a great change that will happen sooner or later. Great job Jersey Vargas!

    • for my Jersey Vargas is a great example for all of us because she had the courage to speak for many children who are going through separation from their families and their courage to speak with Pope Francis about immigration status for color religious leader talk to the president of the united states

  59. Jersey’s Determination Goes Far

    Almost eleven?! This video of Jersey Vargas makes her sound like the most determined eleven year old I’ve ever heard of. Her determination to fight for her father sounds like a movie plot. It makes me happy to know that she got the opportunity to meet the president and tell him what it is she was fighting for. It makes me even happier to know that the president did actually help. I believe this caught the nation’s attention and made the president want to take action and actually help not only Jersey, but also other people in situations like hers. For Jersey to fight for her father and even put herself in danger, it shows how much she cares for him. Jersey shows courage that many people would say is outrageous, but that is what makes Jersey’s determination so interesting. Hearing about stuff like this is truly amazing because it shows people striving and wanting to make a change in the world. Jersey is so young, but so very bold and driven. Not many eleven year olds have the motive or drive to do something like she has. Jersey sounds like someone who takes pride in what she does and has a lot of ambition. I believe that she will amount to great things if she continues to fight for what she wants, including being a leader in every aspect of her life. In this world, you will only get what you want if you want it enough, and how much effort you put into actually getting it. This eleven year old girl has given the world a prime example of not stopping until you get what you desire. She is a leader and stands for what she believes in at a very young age. I’m sure Jersey Vargas’ father and entire family are extremely proud of her. I know that Jersey has made history.

    • I agree that Jersey is and will be a leader and that will help her in getting what she wants in life. You are right that people have to put a lot of effort to get what they want and that Jersey has that much strength and independence at such a young age is amazing. I hope that she stays a leader in her life and that she does not change when life gets harder and harder. She is very mature at the age of 11 to be able to do so much and speak her mind and fight for what she believes in and I hope that she does not lose that in her and she inspires others to be like that.

  60. Bright future Jersey Vargas!!
    This little girl serves an example for all of us to be brave, use the given opportunity, and never lose the hope for something better and greater to happen. She shows how important is to believe in yourself and never stop chasing our dreams and goals, regardless of the obstacles. I was peasant at the class the day of her speech; one little girl who looks even younger of her age, was there and was paying great deal of attention to all speakers. Who would have thought that she would get up upon the first given chance and give an amazing speech herself. She amazed all of us with her courage, with her fluent and smooth language. I have to confess that before that day I had no idea who is she, and what her story was. I found out that day that her family was going trough rough times, and unfortunately they are not alone in our society who faces this kind of problems. What is more amazing for me, is that by listening to her story I assumed that her going to Vatican and meeting the Pope was all arranged and fixed by some agencies, only now that I read her sister Leidy’s comment for this article I found out that it was not arranged and she had some hard time for her extraordinary action, and plus that she had to jump over the barriers and rush herself front of the Pope in order to deliver him her message and the purpose of her being there. As we all know the result of such heroic behavior was for her and for her family to gain her father back who was held detained almost three years apart from his family and loved ones. Jersey Vergas is one gifted, talented and smart child whose actions of selflessness are way too far from being childlike. Way to go Jersey Vargas!!!

  61. The Power of Determination

    After seeing the video, I was astonished on how well she delivered a speech at such a young age. At first I thought that she came up with this story but after I googled her I was proven wrong and I’m very happy that she was able to accomplish what she set out to do. I’m glad that she was able to help her dad and his situation. When she said that she went to D.C. in order to fight for her dad’s situation and that congress decided to let her speak on behalf of her father and the immigration reform situation really warmed my heart. Her speech and journey reminded me of all the great freedom fighters from history. She reminded us that if we believe and set our hearts on something that we truly believe in we are able to accomplish it. I also liked how she was able to get her dad to help her with her problems at school. Again i was really surprised on how well she did with her speech and have great respect for what she did about her fathers situation. I hope and wish her the best of luck in her bright future which she will have because she looks determined to accomplish and overcome any challenge that crosses her path. After seeing her speech she has given me great inspiration and has also given some type of guidance in order to help me with my future speeches and challenges that I may have to overcome to accomplish my goals. The reason that she gave me inspiration and motivation was because she was able to deliver a speech in front of class and on televised interviews which gave me courage to overcome my fears. Again I have to congratulate her on her successes and her courage to fight for what she believes in.

    • I agree with what you have said about Jersey being driven and having hope that she can accomplish anything that crosses her path. The day Jersey decided she was going to fight for her father, she accepted many different obstacles that she knew she would have to overcome. Speaking on national television and online for millions of people across the world to see, Jersey has truly inspired me. (I was nothing like this when I was eleven years old.) Until this day, I am absolutely terrified of giving public speeches! She gives me hope that one day I could deliver a speech with as much confidence as she has shown. She also inspires me to fight for what I believe is right.

  62. My sister <3
    I am super lucky to have a sister like her. When she was little, all of my family knew that she was going to be special but we never thought how special she was going to become. We all grew up very close and we have great communication between us. As the oldest, my job was to take care of my younger siblings and make sure that they are on the right path. It was really hard for us to be for almost 3 years from our father. My sister Jersey was the most attached to my father and seeing her suffering made us bleed from the inside. At the time she was 7 and for a 7 year old what should only matter is friends, cartoon, and playing. Jersey was different. She would contribute to help do the chores and help out our mother. I remember when we just found out that our father was detained, we didn’t know what to do since he is the breadwinner of the house. I knew my mom was devastated and teared from the inside but she didn’t show it. I wanted to help out but there wasn’t anything for me to do other than to just behave well and not cause any problems to my mother. To us this was like an eternity and I hope for no one to go through it. The saddest part of our situation was that since Jersey wash’t able to have our father with us then there was no point for us to celebrate anything. To Jersey our father was our joy. Without him there was no point in nothing. On January 9 of last year we celebrated Jersey’s birthday. Just my mother, my 3 brothers, my daughter and I. My mother received a phone call from our aunts in San Francisco saying that our grandfather had just passed away that very same day. I literally felt like my life was over since I was the one who had spent time with him. Jersey didn’t have the chance to meet him but our grandfather knew of her existence. I think Jersey got depressed and didn’t know another way to express herself other than with anger. I hugged her and told her that we all felt her pain but life goes on. I have always tried to motivate my younger siblings but especially Jersey. God knows that Jersey had a mission on earth. When my mother was pregnant of her, my mother was in risk of having a miscarriage but God knew Jersey had to live. I thank God for not only giving me a multi-talented sister but a loving family. I can’t be any more proud of my sister than I am now. I will always and forever support her 110% in anything that she decides and if she ever becomes the first female president for sure she has my vote! Im glad that at a young age she was able to achieve so many things. From flying to Rome to meet the Pope, to traveling with my parents to be able to talk to President Obama but even though she wasn’t able to, at least she was able to meet Speaker of the House John Boehner.

    Ps: She was never granted access to meet the pope, because the women who was in charge of that wasn’t able to do that. Jersey had to fight her way to see the pope. Even though she got hit in the back by a women, and she felt like crying because she hurter her she was able to manage her way to the front of the row to meet the pope and let him know of what was going on. Any further questions I’m glad to respond to you guys.

    • leydi Vargas I am inspired with your story. From your words I can imagine the hardship that you and your family went through during these times. Of course nobody can feel the pain but I can relate to you in a way since me as well live far away from my family and loved ones, of course I have friends and relatives here, but they can never fulfill the love that your own family can give you. I am so happy that this story ended in a good note for your family. I think you are one smart lady, and you served good example for Jersey. Just the fact that you understood that you have to help your mother through the hard times by being good example for your younger siblings means a lot. There is nothing more for a parent to see how her children appreciate the hard work.

    • I am happy for your sister because she proved us all Latinos we have to be more united and make our rights so that everyone is united and know solution seek to problems as Latino community are necessary

    • Leydi Vargas I was truly touched by your family’s story and can put myself in your situation. My parents also came to this country for a better future and a chance to succeed. The thought that my father can be taken away from my life is gruesome; he is my hero and a great role model, and I cannot imagine my life without him. I can relate to your family’s pain and I am glad you have such a beautiful brave sister to look after you. Even though she is very young it does not stop her from accomplishing her goals. You are lucky to have a sibling like her, and I do believe that her purpose in this life was met. Moreover, I am sure she has a lot more purposes to complete and with her determination she will.
      P.s. I will also vote for her if she ran for president:)

    • I gotta thank you for bringing Jersey to class that day. She is an inspiration despite her young age. Your sister proved to us that there is no mountain high enough to climb, with determination and passion anything is possible to accomplish. I can only imagine the hardship you all went through, but it makes me happy to know that a story like yours had a happy ending and that your father is finally back. Continue to motivate Jersey and tell her to continue being the courageous girl that she is, because with the brain she has, she can make a difference in this world. Thank you once again.

  63. If we look at her, we would indeed assume things like she cannot make a change, I mean she is a little girl. What does she know? She would not know anything. Kids only know about playing games, watching tv, sleep, throw tantrums and so on. But as she open her mouth, as she stand in front of people, we would be amazed how a little girl can change our perspective in certain issues, who knows maybe she can change our whole perspective in life. Words of wisdom, that’s the perfect description for her words. I think if more people will give her more time to speak and would lend her their ears, people in the government will step up and do a better job regarding this issue. And only if there are other people like her, as strong as her voice, strives as much as she did and that will speak for those other major issues our country, our world is facing today, someone, somewhere will start a big change to make this a better place. I hope that there are a lot of kids like her, imagine a world with people like her. Wouldn’t world is going to be a better place?
    I am just so amazed of how little she is, yet she has that big heart and big brain and strong presence and braveness to speak to people. I am twenty two and yet I am scared for my life every time I have to speak to people, whether it’s a small group or a large group. But to her, she make it so easy, talking not just to small or large group of people, but to one of the most influential person in the world.

  64. Jersey’s Journey
    Jersey Vargas’ speech is truly inspirational. Too often, we think that we don’t have the means and capacity to make a real difference in the world. Then we see a young girl like Jersey doing just so. If you want something, you have to go out there and get it. That is exactly what Jersey did. She was not afraid to speak her mind, regardless of the barriers she had to cross to get there. When you really want something, even the impossible is possible. I remember being just as optimistic and full of life as Jersey when I was younger. I always wanted to do something to make a difference, but I never thought I could. Even now as an adult, I find it hard to fight for a cause that I believe in. If a young girl like Jersey can do it, then all of us have the same potential to make a change.

    It’s really sad to think of the pain she must have gone through living without her father. Worse, knowing that he is in jail and living in such harsh conditions. Immigration is something we hear a lot of on the news, but to be honest, never really think about. Unless it is happening to you, you do not really think of the pain that they must go through. My parents were lucky to have come here with a visa and work permit, although they did have to hire a lawyer and go through a few years of paperwork, they never really had to live in fear of deportation. They are one of the few lucky ones. However, it isn’t that easy for everyone that wants to come to this amazing country. One of my very close friends is an immigrant. It’s sad because she did not tell me she was an immigrant until three years into our friendship for fear of being rejected. Not only does she live with the label “Immigrant”, every day of her life, but she is in constant fear of deportation. If she does not pay certain fees to renew her work permit, she’ll get deported. Imagine having to pay each year to renew your citizenship? My heart goes out there for immigrants. Although I had the privilege of being born here, I still feel like these are my people. It doesn’t matter where you were born. Location does not define your culture, your family and background does. Furthermore, if your family has never had to struggle with immigration issues and you feel like it does not affect you and it’s no big deal just remember this. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    • I really enjoyed reading your post and I absolutely agree that people, including myself, don’t think that they have the capacity to make a difference in the world but almost always after hearing stories like this do I feel empowered to go out there and just make someone happy. I think that if someone wants to make a difference in the world they first have to find something that they believe in, and that way they can be inspired to help with a cause they feel strongly about. Honestly I feel like everyone needs to find a cause that they support. People need a cause because there are a lot of them and they need people to believe in them so that way there could be hope for it and then there will certainly be change.


    Wow !!! What a boldness that was a determination and smartness. I am really

    happy for her because that made a huge change in her life and lesson for the

    younger one out their to never belittle your voice, also your voice can be heard.

    Since her father has been temporarily freed from detention. She and her

    family was happier than ever. She stated …. After we met up at the airport, we

    went to the park and we went to the movie theaters because we were really

    happy having him back. … He started helping me on my homework on some

    [math] problems.”

    “When my dad wasn’t with me, my grades in math and language art class were

    lowered,” Jersey explained. “It traumatized me because I didn’t know what

    would happen to my dad.”

    “I’m here in Washington, D.C. because I want to try and speak with the President

    and congressmen to try and [pass] immigration reform as soon as possible

    because many families are getting separated,” Jersey said. “It’s important to get

    immigration reform because I already suffered from having my family

    incomplete and this is something that I don’t wish even on my enemies, like my

    mom says.”. Well i am glad that her voice was heard and that was part of what i

    love about this country, When you believe in your right all you need is to

    demonstrate your intention with peace and diplomatically. Also we have some

    immigrant who were very talented out their that can be a beneficiary for the

    community and enhance our economy technically and mentally if we give them

    that chance and opportunity. I will use myself as an example, my father before

    he relocated back to my country – Nigeria, was a medical doctor, he

    participated to an american economy from his practice as a physician. We have

    lots of people with different profession like that, From Asian, Europe etc in

    which we are benefitting from. Moreover this will eventually change his father’s

    from that bad habit of his, because he would not like to disappoint his daughter

    who has done a tremendous job for his stay.

    • I really enjoyed how you captivated the her speech in your response because you highlighted the most emotional points in her speech and you were also able to capture what she was fighting for which was her fathers freedom and immigration reform. I also enjoyed how you incorporated your own story with hers and stated that her father would change his past ways in order to see his daughter happy. I also enjoyed on what you said about the immigration cause in your response. I liked the way that you stated that all immigrants have some type of contribution in all our lives and should be given a equal chance as anyone else in this country.

  66. What an inspiring speech and a great example of fighting for your rights. This little girl is very brave, relentless, and courageous to be able to speak up for herself and her family. The love she has for her father and the importance of her family came through in her speech and her journey. I’m amazed at how young she is and how much she has accomplished so far. Although her voice was very low, I did not see or hear her hesitant or even shy at all. She even made everyone laugh. She was very confident and described what she was able to do. Her journey to see the pope and asking for his help in keeping her father from being deported was truly inspirational. I remember seeing this story on the news and thinking what a brave little girl. I thought that this task would not be successful, why would they listen to her? Would they even give her a chance to speak? What can the pope do? But she was successful. I kept thinking to myself if this is her at eleven, how much she will accomplish by eighteen. This experience will surely open up so many wonderful opportunities for her. I hope to see her get a scholarship to college. How many little girls at her age would have the same courage? I kept wondering what an amazing role model she will be for other people and the voice of children and families who do not want to lose their families. She was able to bring her story to Washington and the President. This little girl will be a great spokes per son for this cause. Many families that do not have the courage to speak up will have a great role model to follow. Who can refuse the voice of children?

    • I totally agree with Claire. At such a young age, Jersey has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds. God only knows how much she’s going to do in her lifetime. With such courage and strength, she will go far in life. Furthermore, it’s funny that you said, “Who can refuse the voice of children?” Really, who can? Everyone thinks kids are cute. Nobody could say no to such bold actions from a young one. If only more people had the courage to stand up for what they believe, the world would be a different place. Just goes to show you that no matter how old you are, the potential for change is there.

  67. Its good to have a large brain

    Jersey Vargas is obviously a very bright girl who went through hard times and had no issue telling others about it. What made her speech excellent was not her delivery but her story of being a very young girl who loves her father and wanted to be with him. All of the trouble she went to in order to get him back is what is truly impressive and going to Rome and speaking with the pope is something that most people will never get to do their entire lives. Luckily she had a large enough brain to articulate to the pope what she wanted and explain that she is not the only one stuck in this terrible predicament. Her trip to Washington is something that I can only dream of meeting John Boehner is an incredible honor in itself, but what is truly touching is that she got her father back, and this is what makes this speech powerful, is that everybody can relate to her story. Everyone has parents and misses them when they are not around. Jersey Vargas being a young girl standing in front of the class embodies that and makes everybody in the room feel bad for what she went through and makes them imagine themselves in her shoes and how they would feel in that situation. I personally felt terrible hearing about her troubles and could not help but sympathize with her and was very nervous throughout the entire speech about her getting to see her father again, and I was very delighted toward the end when she met him at the airport. I was also very happy for her because she was able to spend a lot of quality time him in Washington D.C. when they walked around the city and met very interesting people.

    • I definitely agree! Jersey is indeed a very bright girl. She is also very inspirational and so amazing. At a young age, she can speak what her heart says with no uttering and her words, you can definitely feel the power on it. I admire her perseverance in order to achieve what she hope to have. I myself is nervous to speak in front of people, she herself did not just spoke to ordinary people, but to the pope and some officials, it takes a lot of guts to do that. I guess we can say that her wanting her father leads her to gain power to speak to those people, but really it takes guts and really one needs to be in a right mind presence to talk to those influential people.

  68. Words of Wisdom

    Unbelievable. There was a great level of enthusiasm and passion during all moments of the speech. Even at the most serious moments, Jersey had a strong passion and confidence for what she was saying and it brought the audience even closer to her experiences. She also held the attention and interest of the audience by scanning the room and even making them laugh, may be not intentionally due to her age. The speech had serious influence to all of us and was stoning. Overall, the speech was inspiring and little Jersey did an excellent job in her presentation. She gave the audience a look into the way she views the life by speaking about her experience at the age of 11. Most importantly, unlike many others at similar age, she did not claim my father, my father and my father only during her speech. Instead she utter about “millions of other families that are suffering,” when she was readdressing the immigration issues. This young and wise girl had proved that no matter how many obstacles someone may face in their life, they could still make their dreams come true. Her dream is no longer a dream, it has became a reality. Same as her dream became reality someone else’s dreams could too. Her success has paid off all of her hard work. Jersey Vargas is a great role model to be remembered forever. She is a most successful young girl I have ever heard and I truly admire all her hard work.

    • Sevak Chilingaryan’s Comment titled “Words of Wisdom” could not be more true and correct. Jersey Vargas really did deliver a great performance for her age. She stood fearlessly in front of the class and spoke about her experiences trying to make eye contact and keeping the audience involved. What she said was also very important and again I agree completely with Sevak Chilingaryan’s about her referring to all of the different families out there not just her own. This is a sign of maturity and compassion for others. She will be a fine grown up one day, not to mention successful.

    • Yes, Sevak Chilingaryan, that is intact true. Jersey doesn’t just say my father, m father, my father, she has always been a person who doesn’t only think about herself but has always thought of others. She has done so many intws both in English and in Spanish and she has inspired and impressed many people because she is fluent in both languages and when she speaks she expresses herself clearly. She has the power of speech! I have gotten the chance to watch her backstage, or sometimes just on TV because I didn’t get the chance to go with her every where. Throughout the time that we went with this situation there has been many people who either support my sister and others who say that what is the point of her doing that. This made me real angry because those people have never experienced being away from a loved one. Others hated the fact that we put our sister to do this and that we were loser and idiots for doing such a thing. But they didn’t realize that this situation didn’t just happen to us but it happens to many people around the world. Jersey wasn’t forced to do this. She did it because she knew she had to get the word out to everyone. To let people know that children suffer too, when they are being separated from their parents or in this case their father. I thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to write this. To Jersey, no one is different. We are all equal. We are all humans. Immigrants are her people and she will fight for them until there is a law that will help ALL IMMIGRANTS.

  69. Greatness Has No Size

    Jersey Vargas inspired me with the greatness she exercised as an 11 year old girl. She broke barriers to get what she wanted most at that point in life, which is having her father here with her in the United States. In my own words, I will call her small but mighty; she is the true definition of that. Her father was going to be deported back to their home country after being held at Indiana, but Jersey took that bold step that changed the life of her family from good to better. She traveled across the world from North America to Europe to seek the help of Pope Francis at the Vatican, so that her father could remain here in with them. Unlike kids her age, she exercised so much alacrity, confidence, and boldness. I remember the day we had our Cultural speech, when her sister introduced her to the class because her sister is in my Speech class. I was looking at her, but when she opened her mouth to speak to the class, she baffled the whole class with the power in her speech. I see a future leader in her. I learnt from her that, no matter how it may feel in life, you do not know who will be of great help to you in life. I could bet that if anyone was told that she was the person that was going to save her father from deportation, they will not believe. Jersey Vargas was an inspiration to us all on that day. She spoke before I came out to give my cultural speech. She inspired me on that day. I know her father is very proud of her. I saw how he held her on one of her videos on Youtube.

    • I agree! This story was truly inspirational. I cannot believe that this girl was able to accomplish so much in her young age. I know many eleven year olds that would not be able to pull off something like this. Her experience shows the power of speech and speaking up for yourself and what you believe in. She didn’t show any shyness or hesitance, amazing!! I would love to see her in a few years and see what she has accomplished. Hopefully she can use her strength and courage and get into a great college and continue to speak for the rights of immigrants.


        True that, but its all lot about determination and support from people

        around her. Moreover God was with her using Pope Francis as medium to

        connect The president, Barack Obama. Yeah i agree with you, it was

        indeed inspirational and breaking record too. That will teach the parents

        out their also we the younger ones to use our talent and voice wisely. This

        is a country your voice can be heard, if your intension does not come with

        violence. I am happy for her and her family. And this we create a positive

        impact on her academically and morally because of the needs of father

        figure in her live.

    • I agree with Aaron it is very inspiring to see a 11 year old girl do what many of us wouldn’t do, stand up for what she believes in. She knew exactly what she wanted and was not going to give up until she got what she wanted, her father. I agree that Jersey is going to become a leader in this society. She has what many of us lack and that is confidence. Everyone that saw her knows that when she stood up to talk she expressed exactly what she felt and was not shy at all, everyone should look up to her and know that never to give up on what you stand for.

  70. The story of Jersey Vargas, a little about 11 years old Mexican girl from Los Angeles is an extremely emotional and moving one. She travels to Vatican city to attend the Pope’s General audience address and at the end of the ceremony finds the right moment and jumping over obstacles she reaches Pope Francis and tells him about her father who was arrested in the USA on immigration violation charges along with other fellow Mexicans. Her efforts give results and catch the attention of the International Community. In the short video clip we see Jersey Vargas talking about the hard situation how her child Soul is so troubled by the arrest of her beloved father. It is so amazing to see the energy, the cleverness and the smooth talk of this little kid she is so fluent in her English and the way she represents her case that so many prominent and successful businessmen and successful individuals lack this God given speech ability and ability itself was not enough to reach what this little helpless kid achieved all by her own. The courage and the fiery drive are so obvious in her speeches, movements and expressions. She talks freely without chewing or uttering the words without even taking a breath to think what to say next. The words are abundantly there for her and she has a vast variety of choice words and greatly effective sentences in her arsenal. In her struggle to explain the hard situation she and her family are in little Jersey effectively uses her fiery speech in defense and freedom not only of her father Mario Dolores but also talks on behalf of the whole group of people being arrested with her father calling them “My people” Thus putting the main big painful problem the US Immigration Department is facing today back in the center of attention and this time in Europe. why so called great politicians have not yet reached a solution to this matter leaving a big painful burden on the shoulders of little angels like Jersey Vargas?

  71. An Example Of Braveness

    Jersey Vargas is definitely a little girl I will remember every time I have to give a presentation. From the way she expressed herself about her wish to see her father again, to how she managed to find a solution by going to the Vatican and communicating her issue to Pope Francis, the only word that can come to my mind is “braveness”, at such short age she was able to find a solution through presenting her feeling about her father in a very short time and a very difficult place. I do believe the factor of necessity had a lot to do with her great communication performance, as well finding that courage to get done something so difficult as freeing her dad from deportation. I believe necessity is a great ally to accomplish great things in life, because when you are in need of something, then fear of doing something goes out the window. But what will make me remember this young lady is the fact that she is able to apply all the rules to a great speech without having anybody teaching her about them. That tells me that all the rules and levels can be learned through experience and by taking advantage of speaking in public, or as Professor Duane says “By celebrating every chance to speak in public” Little Jersey Vargas is a living proof of what professor Duane thesis, she practiced what needed to be said on that day at the Vatican, she knew she was not going to have much time to express her message. And after all the preparation she had, plus the great emotional factor she was carrying is what made her successful on her goal. Jersey Vargas represent to me braveness and a living example of the power of speech

    • Mario Solano sure has great points in his article. like described by Mario,I also believe that young girl had a only one chance, for short period of time, and place of her performance was very difficult as well. The time management played big roll in young Jerseys’ situation. If she was not prepared and couldn’t clearly deliver her message to the Pope Francis outcome may not be the same. Although we weren’t present during the time when she actually delivered her message to the Pope and while she was exiting the “stage,” from her fearless presentation in front of class we can assume that she knowingly or unknowingly applied all levels of preparation.

  72. Jersey With High Self Esteem

    WOW!!! I am in total shock how this beautiful little girl got up spoke in front of a college class about her father. This is amazing how much self esteem and confidence she has. This little girl is going to become a very successful person in the future. She has a lot of courage to give a speech i myself found it very hard for me to give my first speech in front of my classmates and yet alone i am a adult. After watching Jerseys speech it gave me the motivation that i can do it, if a young child did it we all can put our anxiety and fear away and stand up to give our speeches.

    • Self- esteem is a great deal for us all as humans, but age should not be a barrier in expressing the way we feel about issues that disturbs our heart. Jersey Vargas took the boldness to heart first by thinking on how she could help save her father from deportation then summed up the courage to travel across the world. Being brave has nothing to do with age, but I believe it is an inborn thing. On that day she spoke in our class, I believe she empowered us all in class. She did inspired me.

  73. When the immigrant advocate Juan Jose Gutierrez organized a 16-person delegation to Italy, he knew he would be in a position to speak with Pope Francis about his solidarity and support of immigrant workers here in Southern California. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles helped the group get a key spot so they could access the Pope amid the crowds (According to the CBS AP online article Jersey Vargas had only her father on her mind and was not going to be cowed or stopped by a simple barricade. She used the philosophy so often preached in our class that a speaker needs to fully take advantage of every opportunity to speak. We are also drilled and taught to make our point understandable. This at times requires we simplify the complexity of our message to the point that our grand parents could with hardly an effort understand. Jersey although not a veteran of the class, had a simple and direct point of “Please help my Father”, and her simple message was heard around the world. Although I applaud Mr. Gutierrez for his efforts on behalf of immigrants I’m not sure about the action he was able to inspire the Pope to take. Little miss Vargas’ message was so simple you might even call it childish, but I’m positive of the reaction it inspired; and on March 30, 2014 only days after creating this wave of civic power her father was released from immigration custody. The true power of her speech was not in the preparation or content of her subject. It was in her bravery in scaling the barricade and her conviction to spread an idea as simple and as natural as Please help my Daddy. I’m reminded of the saying the squeakiest wheel gets the oil, while that maybe true I also believe the simplest problems get solved first as well. It’s an amazing story with a wonderful ending and a valuable example of how we should all stick to our convictions and be brave enough to stand up for what we believe to be right.

    • Very well written, you did connect the all three approaches on your comment to the article, you provide an emotional perspective of yours by commenting your point of view towards little Jersey Vargas by bringing to the reader attention the power of fighting for what you believe in, and be brave enough to reach your goals in life. You also brought a logical perspective by showing links that gave proof of what you were talking about. Showing sources made the reader reach a logical aspect of what they were reading. And finally the combination of both is what brings the golden credibility, the goal of every writer and speaker. Once again, good job

  74. Sweet Little, Bold, and courageous Girl Who Stood For All.

    Jersey Vargas’s story inspired me. First, her boldness and courage to stand and talk in front people. just shows how courageous she is despite her age. Just ten years old, but she’s already a deeply committed activist. I was so touched when the little Jersey told us her story in class how she was able to go to Rome and meet with the Pope and told her the Pope why she wanted to talked to him and through her boldness, her Father was released from detention. I can’t imagine myself standing and speaking to in front of many people like what Jersey did. She speaks with passion and deep love her father and the entire family as well. I was really move to see the way little Jersey loves her father and her family too, I just said I which all children can be bold like Jersey. It sad to hear her story, but it’s something that teaches all of us and I thank God, their father was released. I can imagine what Jersey’s family went through with their Father who was the source and the bread for the family. Jersey fought not only for her father, not only for her family, but for everybody because she open the eyes of many, and I think we can all learn from her, no matter how small you are, you can still inspire many people. I can’t Imagine Jersey’s mother, how special she feels having a daughter as little as Jersey standing to speak for the rest of the people who are going through the some situation. The worst thing that can affect the children most, is separating children from their parents and worst of all, suffering knowing that your father is not dead, but alive and being detain somewhere, makes it more worse.

    Response to Gwendy_Lemus

    In response to Jersey, first I thank you for bringing this up. In light of this issue, there are many people out there who really are not very much aware about this subject of Immigration. I believe many of this family have lived here for very many years and have worked. Many people out there have blamed the Immigrants in one way or the other, they don’t see and appreciate what this so called Immigrants have done for them. I think it’s time for America to wake up and see the plight of this suffering families. In my opinion, America needs the Immigrants, believe me or not, America can’t do without the Immigrants.

    • Little Jersey was very courageous. She did what most of us are scared to do, speak to an audience. She did it in a grand way too. Sometimes the bad things that come at us in life bring out good things. Unfortunately because her father was detained the family has suffered and through that has brought them a lot closer. Jersey is a very smart little girl and has gone through a lot and is able to speak about it, which is great. I am very happy that her father was released and hope that we can come up with a solution with the immigration issues we are faced with today.

  75. I could not clearly understand Jersey’s age, but for the looks of it I can guess she might be in elementary school. When I was her age, I was never up and talking in front of my class or being brave enough to even speak my mind aloud. I was probably the shyest person anyone could meet. I could never picture me giving a personal speech in front of so many people at her age, not to mention the pope. Jersey stood up and took a stand in what her big heart made her believe was the right thing to do. The love a child has for a parent is cherished, and the worst feeling in the world is losing them! There are many ways one can lose a parent, but when you lose them because they are being forced to leave you, may just hurt a little more. As children we are used to always having our parents around our good moments or tragic events. But once separated, it will not be the same relationship they once had, everything changes. A phone call will not suffice to fill in that missing piece of life. This affects both in different manners. A child may rebel and a parent might just simply move on or may still keep in contact but it would not be the same. I lost my father due to health issues when I was fourteen almost fifteen. Every time something bad happened in my life, I felt like I needed him to be there and just hug me. Sometimes it may seem like a small empty place that eventually fades into a far away feeling because you learn to let go. For Jersey, she had the chance to fight back in a nonviolent way, and triumphed over her father’s case. I am glad to know and learn of such a touching, yet extraordinary story of an immigrants young daughter speaking up not just for him, but for all detained immigrants because in her heart she believes “they are her people”.

    • Response to Gwendy Lemus.. As a child young at that age i never had any confidence to even talk to any adult yet alone to give a speech in front of a college class. I agree with you she does have a lot of confidence to be standing up for her father. When i was a child as the same age as Jersey i never knew what public speaking was all i did was play with doll, but this little girl is a true inspiration for bring so brave at that age i am still surprised on how much self esteem this little girl has.

    • In her article Gweny-Lemus is praising this little Mexican girl Jersey Vargas who courageously took the stand to fight for her father’s immigration case as she puts it “In a non violent way” and tells us that Jersey had a great heart to talk not only for the release of her father but the whole group of the detained immigrants because she believes deep in her heart that “They are her people” 73 Gweny also tells us in a very touchy way that she lost her father when she was 14-15 and till now she sometimes needs the warm hug of her father when times get hard on her.

    • That is something that should be cherished as far as the love that a child has for their parent. It’s tragic that kids are stripped away from parents that are simply unable to legally care for them. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Losing your father due to health issues when you are young is never easy. It is extraordinary how Jersey was able to triumph and overcome the odds that were initially stacked against her. When you look at it she literally overwrought the power our federal government had to incarcerate a non legal resident. ust goes to show the power of love from our little ones is magnanimous

    • Response to Gwendy_Lemus just like you at her age I was always afraid to speak up. Specially to be up in front of people and give any sort of presentation. I am very shy and even till this day I still am. Not as much now but I wish back then I wouldn’t have been so afraid or shy to speak up. She has a lot of courage and I admire her for that. She wasn’t asked to make any sort of speech but just to be there with her sister and when she was asked to say a few words, she spoke like she had prepared a speech. She is a such a smart little girl.

      • I agree with you I can be very shy myself especially when it comes to public speaking. but as I read she was told to say few words during class and her speech came across like she had prepare for it for weeks which I find very amazing and how public speaking seem so natural for her. This shows how there’s many people out there struggling yet they are over achievers and there situations just thrives them to work a lot harder to make their voice be heard.

    • Hi Gwendy, I understand what you are talking about. I remember in my high school couldn’t say anything, even saying my name was a struggle. But for little Jersey, she was so brave and stood for what she believed in, to set her father, and the other immigrants free. Am so happy for her that everything worked out well.

  76. Response to Soila_Rivera.
    Families do get separated by these established immigration laws. Many people came to America in search for better opportunities, and to support their family. But as years have passed, the laws have become stricter towards immigrants. But in other laws it has kind of gotten better; For example, before the people were not able to get a drivers license but as of today, they are eligible for one as long as they obtain a work permit. It took a long time for this decision to finally pass, who knows how long it will take to accept the ones who already reside in this country; and whom are already mentally established.

  77. I was very inspired to see this little girl Jersey, give her speech in front of the class. To hear how she had gone to the Vatican and meet the Pope all to find help for her father was really inspirational. During her speech I saw that she was very confident and how she had the support of the class and her family. That was something that definitely helps as your in front of strangers giving a speech. It is very difficult to be able to speak in front of people, to find the courage to do so, and here is this little girl who didn’t even show an ounce of fear. I was really moved to see the joy in her sister, Leydi’s eyes as she spoke about her and especially when Jersey spoke to the class. Not only can you see the love of a family but the support and togetherness of one. Today we are faced with a lot of problems in life, and the whole immigration thing is one of them. It is sad to see that families are being separated because of it. As Jersey stated her family just wanted a better life, and that is what all immigrants want when they come to America. It was great for her to speak with the Pope about her father’s situation because he heard it from someone who is being affected by it. I think if everyone could speak up and help advocate for others things in this world would be better. Sometimes good things come out of bad situations. For me my childhood was rough and I didn’t have the emotional support from my parents. Which is why today I am doing the opposite with my own children. We can only learn from our mistakes and those of others to make a better change in our lives. For Jersey and her family they have had a rough time since their father was incarcerated but they fight on and have each other and they support each other which is really important.

    • I couldn’t believe that she gave her speech at our little classroom either, what a small world it really is. I did not know that she was local or that she had family on campus. Although I have to agree that Jersey’s older sister was very clever because her little sister was an awesome subject to write about. All my younger siblings ever did was cause me to take time away from my studies, but this little girl is definitely onto bigger and better things in her life and it must be a joy to have her a sibling. I did know that your childhood was rough ms. Soila, but you are right that all children should have the emotional support from their parents that they need.

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