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As a full time college professor, I have had the privilege of regularly teaching speech courses for nearly two decades, while at the same time serving as director of forensics (speech team) for one of the most successful programs in the nation.   The Los Angeles Valley College speech team has won the team gold medal from the national championship tournament in 2008, 2009, and again for 2011.

My experience has helped me to realize –  there is absolutely no substitute for practical application…for practice!   The students learn and grow the most – when they are at the front of the room speaking!   I have also come to realize that 8 hours, divided by 4 weeks is not only ideal for the duration of the class content and speaking time, but it also ideal for allowing the class participants to properly prepare and deliver two different presentations each.

On-site speech classes combine the foundational elements offered in the Empowering Speech 2 Hour Public Speaking Workshop with practical application.   All of the participants speak!   Each participant will stand up and demonstrate what they are learning – as they learn it!

The experience not only empowers each individual with public speaking skills, but also the group as a whole will become transformed to a level of cohesiveness that otherwise would not be possible! The group together confronts the fear of public speaking! Public speaking is the number one fear in life! There is no more productive and dynamic way to break down the walls, unify your staff, and enhance productivity than with a public speaking class.

The 4 week public speaking course is designed for 15-20 people and meets once a week for two hours on-sight at your location.   All participants will be individually coached through the delivery of two different speeches, as well as given personal evaluations. Each student will also receive a very user friendly workbook. The Empowering Speech workbook serves as a both a tool for the class, as well as an invaluable resource for preparing any and all future presentations and speeches.

4 Week Speech Class: meets once a week for 2 hours

Day #1 Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking; The Power of Speech; Audience Analysis; Personal Narrative Speech Assigned
Day #2 Speech #1: Personal Narrative (2-4min)Note: A very bonding and team building experience for all attending!   Not only will the group confront their fear of speaking publicly together, but also they will learn far more about each other as unique, special and diverse individuals than they would otherwise know.   The Personal Narrative speeches create cohesive groups.   Cohesion promotes strength and productivity!
Day #3 Speech Writing; Structuring Thoughts and Information; Establishing Credibility; Performance Tips; Informative Speech Assigned
Day #4 Speech #2: Informative Speech (4-6min)Note: The Informative Speech structure is a priceless tool that can be employed to make successful any and all speaking situations, including but not limited to: sales, marketing, technology and engineering, medical and dental, courtroom testimony, political rallies, leading seminars, teaching, worship services, formal or informal speaking!   The structure also serves as the foundation for impromptu speaking!   Learning the informative speech structure will enable your group with the basic and very practical tools needed to create and deliver successful presentations always.

Embolden and transform the presence, productivity, credibility, and community of your company or organization – with a public speaking class.

Organize an on-site speech class for your company or organization!

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