Large or Small Groups, Private Coaching, and Non Profits

Large & small group training, private training, on-site classes, and speech proofing and writing help

3 Hour Private or Small Group Workshop:

2 people$2000.00
3-5 people$2850.00
6-10 people$4800.00
7-9 people$4000.00
11-15 people$5500.00
16-21 people$6400.00
22-30 people$7700.00
31-40 people$9300.00
41-50 people$10,250.00

Private Seminar & Coaching:

$1200.00 for the first meeting (private seminar) – depending on the individual (questions and dialogue) the meeting will last between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

During the first meeting a complete foundation covering everything needed to stand up and speak is provided.   At the end of the meeting you will have everything you need to properly prepare and deliver – with confidence and credibility – any and all presentations.    However, should an individual desire additional, or regular coaching, or a critical eye prior to an important presentation, the fee will be $400.00 an hour. During the first meeting you will receive a very user friendly workbook that mirrors everything covered during the consultation. Note: Any travel related expenses will be added to the fee.

Speech Proofing and Writing help:

$200.00 per hour – I proof for attention getting introductions, word economy, communicative clarity, structure, and memorable conclusions.   Proofing takes about one hour per 500 words.   As quickly as you need in most cases, I will provide both detailed notes, and new copy of your presentation.  All you need to do is e-mail me.   I you are not happy with the work, I do not bill you.

On-site Speech Classes:

$10,500.00 for 10-15 people to have an On-site speech class at your organization or company.  The class meets once a week, for two hours, for four weeks.   Because each individual will be preparing and presenting two different speeches – each individual is not only empowered with the foundational mechanics for public speaking; but also, because the group is together confronting the number one fear in life – public speaking – the class will create and foster an elevated level of team-cohesiveness that will greatly enhance the culture and community of your organization or company.   The class will also cover how to “properly prepare PowerPoint presentations” for optimal communication.   Note: Any travel related expenses will be added to the fee. 


I believe that only by the grace of God, I have had my life greatly enhanced by speech. Therefore, I believe that financial challenge should not prevent others who desire the same from finding and developing their voices. Calendar allowing, I will consider any and all requests made by non-profit organizations, and will make every effort to accommodate your financial constraints.

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