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The Role of an Effective Public Speaking Coach

The award-winning movie “The King’s Speech” brings to light the adversity that some individuals have to overcome when they find themselves in a crisis. In this case, King George VI of England finds that he needs to take leadership of the country while in the brink of war. Unfortunately, the king suffers from a debilitating speech impediment! The movie demonstrates that with the proper coaching, such seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be changed into triumphant success stories. In this case, the role of the speech coach allows the king to find his voice.

I can help you find your own voice!

I myself have had the privilege of coaching a young man with a stammer, who representing Los Angeles Valley College, became the overall top competitive community college speaker in the nation for 2008 (see Los Angeles Times: A stutterer finds his voice.) In 2009 he went onto become the national informative speaking champion while representing California State University Long Beach at the American Forensics Association national public speaking championship tournament.

I have also had the privilege of serving a very wide variety of public speaking coaching needs in the real world. I helped the CEO of a Fortune 500 company address 1800 new employees as a result of a multi-billion dollar company merger. I helped the Vice President of a Century City investment firm prepare to persuade a room full of high net worth individuals. I helped the commanding officers of the Los Angeles Police Department ready themselves to speak in public. I helped a Los Angeles Lawyer develop her persuasive speaking skills as she readied herself for a murder trial. I even had the privilege of working with the pastoral staff of an Asian church in Southern California. Other religious leaders I’ve helped find their public speaking voice were two rabbis and a priest.

Whether you are preparing for a professional speech, a political speech, a best man or wedding speech, or you just want to become a more dynamic and persuasive speaker – I can help you find your voice!

It all starts with an initial 3 hour meeting. During the consultation I will provide you with the foundation you need to start speaking. Included in the public speaking coaching session is a workbook outlining everything you need to stand up and communicate with confidence and credibility!

The initial 2 hour speech coaching covers:

  1. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
  2. Preparation Skills
  3. Audience Analysis
  4. Structuring and Composing Thoughts and Information
  5. Establishing Credibility
  6. Practical Performance Tips
  7. Celebrating Your Public Speaking Opportunity Fully

My personal approach as a coach in public or private engagements will help you enhance your productivity and ability to lead others.

Let me help you find your voice!

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