Empowering Speech Program

“Public speaking skills are intellectually empowering, socially empowering, professionally empowering, financially empowering, and politically empowering.”

— Professor Duane Smith

The Aim of Empowering Speech:

The aim of Empowering Speech is to quickly and very effectively empower people with public speaking skills, and the confidence to stand up and speak!

3-Hour Pubic Speaking Program:

In 3-hours or less, The Empowering Speech Program offers the fundamental and very practical tools needed to properly prepare, stand up, and deliver solid presentations with true, developed, and earned self-confidence.

Whether it’s a one-on-one private meeting, small-group (2-9), or a larger public speaking workshop – the program thoroughly covers 7 directives that empower individuals to speak publicly:

  1. 1) Managing Anxiety (the fear of public speaking)
  2. 2) Audience Analysis
  3. 3) Proper Preparation
  4. 4) Structuring Thoughts and Information
  5. 5) Achieving and Sustaining Credibility
  6. 6) Performance Tips
  7. 7) Making the Very Most of Every Speaking Opportunity

The Empowering Speech Program crystallizes the public speaking process and procedures so that anyone can stand up – with real confidence – celebrate, and further develop their MOST VALUABLE SKILLSET…PUBLIC SPEAKING!

Included with the Empowering Speech Program training is a user very friendly guidebook; the guidebook not only serves as a teaching tool used during the initial training, but also as a speech preparation manual for the clients/students to take away with them to indefinitely serve as a preparation tool for any and all future presentations.

History, Teaching Philosophy Developed and Proven:

I started speaking in 1991.   I have been teaching public speaking (7th grade – college), coaching competitive college speech teams, and consulting professionals since 1995.   However, it is my service within the professional world that has most influenced all of my teaching.   The real world places a great value on time, and demands practical effective tools that can be employed immediately.

In 1995, while conducting my first workshop, for the commanding staff of the Los Angeles Police Department, I was given only 2 hours to teach a class that in college takes an entire semester.   The experience – the opportunity – with the LAPD severed not only as a learning experience for the officers, but me as well.   I realized that the mechanics of public speaking, the basics, the nuts and bolts, are very simple and practical – and can easily be covered in just a couple of hours!  Ironically it is my extensive history with speech that has helped to develop a very clear and uncomplicated philosophy for speech:

Public speaking is 5% direction, and 95% doing!

Since my first workshop, I have had the privilege of sharing my 7 principles, and proving their effectiveness with multiple CEO’s, engineers, medical doctors, financial advisers, real estate agents, church pastors, CPA’s, movie producers and even a lawyer preparing for a murder trial, an international pop star, and a TV legend.   Whether I am working with the CEO of a fortune 500 business, a pop star, a college student, or a 12 year old home-schooler preparing for a speech meet the central principles are the same, and will prepare anyone to stand up and speak with credibility.

Again – public speaking is 5% direction, and 95% doing!   If a person really wants to improve their public speaking skills, they must stand up and speak – as much as possible!   But, a person must have a proper starting point.   All successful speakers work from, and commit to a logistical foundation for all of their presentations.

I provide the core training needed to give stellar presentations every time you stand up to speak!

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