Speech Writing


Learning how to write speeches – is about learning to choose your words wisely, and structure your thoughts and information clearly. I can help you develop these necessary skills to put down your ideas on paper and effectively communicate them in public. While good speech writing is something of an art, I can teach you the precise science behind delivering a compelling message to your audience.

  • Proofing – planned or last minute via e-mail
  • Audience analysis
  • Creating attention grabbing introductions
  • Creating memorable closing statements
  • Help structuring your thoughts and information
  • Help with your word economy, cutting the useless words
  • Help with narrative composition
  • An unbiased and professional set of eyes to review your work
  • Employing research to enhance the credibility of your speech writing
  • Last minute review for your important presentation

Whether it’s a professional presentation, a political speech, or even a wedding speech – great speeches don’t come by chance. To write a speech, careful preparation and attention to detail are necessary, otherwise you will come across as boring or ill prepared. I can teach you how to write speeches for effective communication and persuasive speaking. The end result will be a skilled presentation that will come across natural, professional, credible, and confident to your audience.

I can help you write effective speeches for just about any occasion – by teaching you to choose your words wisely, and structure your thoughts and information clearly.

Public Speaking Los Angeles – Speech Writing & Editing

My personal speech writing experience is also available at any level you desire or need: cutting the useless words, outlining, editing, proofing, creating an attention grabbing introduction or a memorable conclusion, or maybe you just seek an unbiased opinion or critical eye to evaluate an important presentation before delivery.

Ensuring that your words have been chosen wisely, and your information has been structured clearly is only an e-mail away!

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