Public Speaking Women

"Speech class with 'Coach D', plus hard work, equals a scholarship to Easter Michigan University for public speaking."
-- Karen Yelverton National Champion Speaker 2010 - 2013

Public Speaking Women – Empowering Skills

Not only do I regularly have the privilege of working with strong, excellent women – but my past, present and even my future – I know will be influenced and inspired by an ever growing appreciation for the struggles and challenges women face.

During my undergraduate studies in college I was awarded a scholarship for competitive public speaking, to attend Northern Arizona University. As a persuasive speaker, my topic choices were always focused on women’s issues.

In 1992 (my first year competing), at the Phi Rho Pi national public speaking championship tournament, I received a bronze medal for my persuasive speech about Domestic Violence.

In 1993, at the Phi RHo Pi national public speaking championship tournament, I received a silver medal for my persuasive speech about The Abandonment and Abuse of  Elderly Woman.

In 1994, at the IFA, International Forensics Association international public speaking championship tournament, held in Munich Germany, I was awarded the international championship persuasive speaking title for my persuasive speech Condemning the Practice of Rape as a War Tool.

And in 1995, at the Interstate Oratory national championship tournament for persuasive speaking held at Arizona State University, I placed 6th in the nation with my persuasive speech addressing a little known at the time disease called “HPV: Human Papillomavirus.”

Women’s issues are of great importance to me. Now, not only do strong motivated women make up the majority (60% women, 40% men) of the campus (Los Angeles Valley College) where I teach full time, but I am also blessed with a brilliant wife and five wonderful daughters. As a very proud father of five little future women under the age of nine, and the husband of the most amazing woman in the world — I am even more vested in women’s issues. As well – I am determined to share these values with my son!

The Importance of Public Speaking for Women

There is no more empowering skill for women, no more empowering way to amplify women’s voices — than solid, practical public speaking skills training.