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IN JUST 3 HOURS – participants will take away everything you will ever need for any and all future presentations: How to manage your public speaking anxiety; properly prepare, structure and present your thoughts and information instantly; create memorable introductions and conclusions; look and feel confident; and ultimately… speak with credibility!

Format: Small and large groups, companies, clubs, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, adults and children

Presenter: All training is conducted by full time communications studies professor and professional public speaking coach Duane Smith. This seminar offers the exact training Professor Smith has repeatedly administered to the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy graduate department, Doug Murtha the vice president of Toyota Scion, and a vast array of other working professionals.

Location: the training is conducted at your location

Fee: brochure at the bottom of the page

Empowering Speech Workshop:

Learn vital areas for a successful public speaking engagement, such as:

  • Managing the fear of public speaking
  • Audience analysis
  • Proper preparation
  • How to instantly structure your thoughts and information
  • How to achieve and sustain credibility
  • Performance tips
  • Making the most of every speaking opportunity
“After suffering several decades with a severe case of public speaking phobia, it was such a relief to hear Duane say that it is completely normal and that your fear when channeled correctly can empower you and make you a better and more entertaining presenter. What an amazing way to turn a negative into a positive. As the CEO of a large company and a leader in the community the pressure to sound powerful, intelligent and informed when presenting is tremendous. We came away from the workshop with very tangible and concrete tools to create a presentation that works. More importantly, Duane’s workshop connected with everyone who attended. I had many of my folks say they can’t believe that sat still and listened for 3 hours straight. We all hung on to every word and connected with the content. Bravo Duane! Your life stories, candid humor and professionalism gave all of us hope that we can be public speaking champions in our own right.”
–Maria Thompson
CEO, Agile Sourcing Partners
“Duane’s relatable nature and captivating stories bring a uniqueness to his workshop. I plan to keep the workbook we reviewed during this course all throughout my career as a great reminder and reference. I look forward to practicing his directives for professional and personal challenges to come! Thank you Duane”
— Leda Nasardad
Senior Consultant, Comcast Assurance and Advisory Team

Public speaking is 5% direction, and 95% doing! I have been teaching and coaching public speaking at colleges and in the professional world since 1995. I quickly and very effectively provide the logistical mechanics for preparing and delivering credible presentations. I have developed this public speaking workshop to provide you with the foundational tools needed to prepare and deliver any and all presentations with confidence!

— Professor Duane Smith

Empowering Speech Public Speaking Workshop

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