BMW CEO Faints Speaking

BMW CEO Speaks and Falls

According to The Blaze, September 15, 2015,

“Harald Krüger made his first major public appearance as BMW’s chief executive officer Tuesday, but he fainted just five minutes into the news conference. Krüger, who is 49-years-old, has been the CEO of the car manufacturer since May, but his presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany was his public debut. Approximately five minutes into his presentation, he began to stumble and then hit the ground.”

Today Health and Wellness, September 15, 2015, offers this,

“Sudden stimulus to the vagus nerve – which controls the heart – is the most common cause of fainting. A sudden fright or shock can lead to a reduction in the heart rate and blood pressure. Stress or nerves can play a role as well. Herald Kruger has only been BMW’s top boss since May and this was reportedly his first time presenting at a major auto show.”

When we consider the fact that public speaking is the number one fear in life, combined with the stress of being a CEO, can you think of a more perfect storm of stress and anxiety? Public speaking creates mental stress, emotional stress, and physical stress. Add to the intense level of stress that accompanies public speaking, something like being a CEO, and you raise the anxiety bar to levels most of us will never understand. Herald Kruger is a perfect example of why it is crucial that speakers go into every public speaking situation physically and mentally at the top of their game.  Three things that must always be a priority for strong – healthy – performances are:

1) A good night’s rest

2) A good healthy meal and staying hydrated (not alcohol)

3) A light cardio workout, followed by a cool shower before speaking

Healthy body, healthy mind!

From 2000-2015, I had the privilege of coaching the Los Angeles Valley College Speech Team.  In 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012, our team claimed team gold medals at the national championship tournament. In 2008, I had the privilege of coaching Marcus Hill, the over all top speaker in nation. A large part of our success, I know Marcus as well as other gold medal speakers would argue, was rigorously managing the physical and mental health of our speakers. We, the coaches, structured their lives during the competition to optimize their performance-health. We imposed on them a good night’s rest, healthy meals, snacks and hydration, and early morning exercise before competition. Today I am privileged to say that I also have a growing list of CEO’s, executives, and vast variety of professionals who would also testify to the value of purposing to manage one’s over all health, as a way to ensure optimal performance each and every time they speak.

Sleeping, eating and staying hydrated, and a light workout and a cool shower before every speech not only promotes health and confidence, but rock star performances.


I’m speech coach Duane Smith. I have served groups and individuals in the corporate and academic areas develop and improve their public speaking skills. I'm also a tenured public speaking professor at Los Angeles Valley College.

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  1. “Practice makes perfect”

    One of my biggest things is not making a fool out of yourself! Be informed about a topic before you speak about it, and don’t say anything impulsively that can jeopardize your current standing. You need to be able to know that you are prepared before you go out and do something that represents not only your company, but you! Imagine how much credibility Harald lost after that performance. And seeing that that was his first one? Everyone knows that first impressions are lasting impressions. This guy obviously wasn’t ready to speak, and although some might say that it was just the nervousness, it couldn’t be! You can be nervous, it’s totally and completely healthy but you just carry on through with whatever it is that you are doing because you know that you are prepared. I’ve done speeches in front of large crowds, and though I’m not super great at it and was nervous, I prevailed because I knew what I was doing and saying. He had no excuse. Being a CEO of such a huge and successful company he should have known better. I’m glad that it wasn’t anything serious, other than dizziness, but I’m sure this was a wake up call for him and he will never be caught unprepared again. The article was super helpful in terms of the tips it gave for speaking. I don’t try the cardio beforehand but I do try the shower and it really works. It cools you off and wakes you up. I make sure to rinse off before I go speak because it refreshes and stimulates you. I agree that without doing at least a few of these things, you will undoubtedly have a poor performance. Please practice before any big event that you have, it really does make perfect!

  2. Key elements to reduce stress and optimize your full potential

    This video was shocking. I never would imagine someone at the top of their game and not only that a ceo that would every expose himself or his team would every allow this to happen. I know stress can lead to many things; I also have fallen in the past with big events happening in my life and the cause of stress. The topic of having a good night rest and a good healthy meal with hydration, again I can relate to because I run many half marathons. If you try without sleep, it is like you never showed up to even play the game. With hydration and a healthy meal helps stimulate the brain and provide thinking and processing wiggle room. But one thing I did not know is taking a light workout and a cold shower will help. I have not employed this in any of my speeches, but will wake up and run for about 10 mins and follow every step. I think this topic is about preparation and bringing you’re a game to the table.-179

    I think the article was very informative in the way it tells about how a bmw ceo fell on his butt. I like how it noted that public speaking creates mental stress, emotional stress, and physical stress and tied it back to research that proves and backs it up. On the other note it highlights a college speech team with the right direction can give a rock star performance. This gives me hope as some in college and not a ceo that we cannot escape the task of hard work to achieve the simple things. Also, the imposing of others will to achieve and do well with rigorously everything. This article gave well factors of how a linkage between all 3 factors of a good nights rest, a healthy meal and hydration, and some cardio will prepare you physically and open the door mentally to achieve. Without one you cannot perform to your optimal potential. Now I wonder now what are the best healthy meals to eat and how much rest is recommended.-173

  3. Lifelong discipline in crucial moments has the chance to deliver a hero

    Harald did not deliver a speech anywhere closely as epic as Tony Stark did as Iron Man in the sequel. He did the exact opposite to be quite exact. BMW is a multinational company that is held as a leading developer of motor technologies, pushing the boundaries in the motor sport realm. Fainting 5 minutes into your first worldwide public speech does not exude the image of strength. I do not believe that I would feel as confident about my company after seeing its leader pass out from the pressure of working for it. An elite football player for the NFL should be capable enough to do a good job of playing a game of basketball, or even golf! What this means is that if your going to be really good at your profession, you have to be good enough at other activities to adapt to the several situations your profession may put you in.

    I fully believe in Prof. Duane’s position to preparing for public speeches. These techniques are wonderful to prepare for many critical moments in life, such as a job interview, a school exam, or maybe even your wedding! With careful research and advice, Harald could have nailed the public speech. Its not like he could not afford the advice from professionals or at least maybe a gym membership. It is important to keep a balanced lifestyle, especially during times that require the most energy. Plato believed in the balance of mind and body. Im sure his pupils exercised, showered, and then delivered their philosophies wonderfully to their crowds. The fact of knowing your in better physical shape, looking clean and smelling fresh adds a quantum level of confidence that shows in every angle. Preparation is the most important part of a speech, a well rounded preparation that included every angle of yourself to deliver the most authentic version of yourself to the audience.

    Arturo Ramirez
    Spring 2016

  4. Harald did not deliver a speech anywhere closely as epic as Tony Stark did as Iron Man in the sequel. He did the exact opposite to be quite exact. BMW is a multinational company that is held as a leading developer of motor technologies, pushing the boundaries in the motor sport realm. Fainting 5 minutes into your first worldwide public speech does not exude the image of strength. I do not believe that I would feel as confident about my company after seeing its leader pass out from the pressure of working for it. I believe that an elite football player for the NFL should be capable enough to do a good job of playing a game of basketball, or even golf! What this means is that if your going to be really good at your profession, you have to be good enough at other activities to adapt to the several situations your profession may put you in.

    I fully believe in Duane’s position to preparing for public speeches. These techniques are wonderful to prepare for many critical moments in life, such as a job interview, a school exam, or maybe even your wedding! With careful research and advice, Harald could have nailed the public speech. Its not like he could not afford the advice from professionals or a gym membership. It is important to keep a balanced lifestyle, especially during times that require the most energy. Plato believed in the balance of mind and body. Im sure his pupils exercised, showered, and then delivered their philosophies wonderfully to their crowds. The fact of knowing your in better physical shape, looking clean and smelling fresh adds a quantum level of confidence that shows in every angle. Preparation is the most important part of a speech, a well rounded preparation that included every angle of yourself to deliver the most authentic version of yourself to the audience.

    Arturo Ramirez
    Spring 2016

  5. “When in doubt; just fall…”

    My content to this topic is that to deliver any type of speech or presentation… it is a definite must to “prepare”. It has been said that better preparation equals a better performance. When giving a speech you must also always remember your priority as mention in the article to get a good night rest, healthy meal + keep hydrated, and a light cardio in the morning. Without any of these you might just crash and fall like Harald Krüger during his immense presentation. In almost anything you do “preparation” is the key to success. Especially during speeches which most people usually have a big problem in doing because of the stress and anxiety that comes along with it. I highly believe if you just listen to these simple instruction and practice them; you will get to someday be a successful professionals for example a CEO. Because in almost any career if you want to excel you have to “speak”; but most people can’t speak in front of audience. It is not easy, it will takes time and preparation to be a “good speaker”.

    The article was interesting after reading and watching the Youtube video my first thoughts were “What is Harald Krüger doing with his life now? Did he get fire? Was it fake?”. I went on search an I actually found an article it is called ‘BMW CEO Krueger feeling great, back at work”. It did answer my question that he still is a BMW CEO, and BMW also mention “the fall was resulted from a “moment of dizziness” and said there were no serious causes behind the incident” and the Professor Smith’s article mention medical response as to why he had the fall. Most likely he failed to one of the priority to giving a good presentation which is either not sleeping well, not eating well or keeping hydrated, and lack of exercise. After reading Professor Smith’s article, I agree failing to do any of those while have a big speech to deliver in which we know normally causes stress and anxiety for some; could lead to a poor performance. It’s helpful to know.

  6. “Nap time in 3,2,1”
    I think its fair to say that Harald Kruger’s mishap on stage is one I could no be surprised about. I mean come on tell me what person does not feel nervous, anxious, scared , and God knows what else. Its tough for some one of a big corporation like BMW to come in front of hundreds of people is nothing to take lightly. Heck in class I get jittery and there are only about 15 people. I thought the article was a great read. It shows that even successful millionaires feel the same way about public speaking. No matter how much money you got practice, good time management, and knowing your audience will help in delivering a good presentation. I have learned through the Mr.Smith class that being on top of your game is crucial for delivering a good performance. Thinking outside the box for an introduction is crucial too. One last thing is to follow the three things that must always be a priority for strong – healthy – performances are:

    1) A good night’s rest

    2) A good healthy meal and staying hydrated (not alcohol)

    3) A light cardio workout, followed by a cool shower before speaking

    Healthy body, healthy mind!

    • Dude, straight to them point! I totally agree with that! It is surprising that he just dropped like a sack of potatoes. LOL But it does get nerve wracking if you think about it. I’m comfortable speaking in public and entertaining a larger crowd, but what does get me nervous is the time limits for these speeches! So if its not one thing, its another. But yes, sleep, eat right and exercise helps. But look at me now, typing at 1am in the morning the night before a speech. At least the BMW guy slept well and makes millions while doing it. What a life! LOL

  7. “Such A Pity”
    If only he had been prepared this would not have been so embarrassing for him. To see some one collapse live on stage is pretty career slowing.
    I think that it is clearly evidence that being prepared both mentally and physically for a speech is very important. When it is in front of a group of people some would say are important, I think it would probably be very stressful with the practice and being prepared, but without just spells doom. Honestly if I went in front of a big crowd of people, I was nervous and probably terrified of speaking to that many people, I wasn’t mentally, materially, or physically prepared, then I would probably have done what he did. Just look confused, hold my head and fall. A “get out of speech” card, if you will.
    The article, in my opinion is very well written. One can not say it enough, one has to be prepared. “A good night’s rest, A good healthy meal and staying hydrated, A light cardio workout, followed by a cool shower before speaking” Those are the best ways to be physically prepared for a speech! The article was well proportioned and packed with information. It was short but got to the point to spread the message across. I also liked how everything that was quoted was quoted correctly.
    Thank you.

    • It is such a pity that a CEO had to go through this, but it shows us how important and humbling public specking can be. I think there is nothing more comforting for a speaker than knowing the material of what you are going to talk about. I helps you build confidence and present that credibility that’s needs to be seen by the audience in order to keep their attention. In the end we got to see first hand what being unprepared and overwhelmed will doing a speech can do to you.
      The speech won this round!

  8. Honestly, if I went in front a big crowd of people, I was nervous and probably terrified of speaking to that many people, I wasn’t prepared mentally or materially, then I probably would have done what he did. Look confused touch my head and fall my back. But good thing I always try to prepare as much as I can.
    He might have just faked it to get out of speaking to all those people. Sure it makes him look bad but it can’t be worse than making yourself look unknowledgable about a company you’re supposed to know everything about. I’m sure he does know everything there is to know about his company. However, if he wasn’t prepared, he would make the whole company look like as if they were lead by a buffoon. That’s why I think he just took a dive so he can just skip speaking at all.

    But of course, I’m probably wrong.

    • I know exactly what you mean, I have had actual times in Professor Smiths class where I was on the verge of fainting. Luckily I told myself that I prepared enough to do this and be confident. I remember the first speech that we were assigned I was sweating it so bad, but once I wrote the speech out, read it in the mirror about five or six times, I knew I was ready and well prepared to give this speech. The day came and it all worked out. If the CEO doesn’t know his own company so well, maybe he shouldn’t be CEO of that company anymore and take an internship at Mercedes.

  9. “TIMBERRR!”

    Every time I watch the clip I just feel so bad for the guy. I can’t help but to feel embarrassed for him. I didn’t even consider his health immediately, which I feel terrible about. The first thought when you watch him go down is Man, he must have been nervous. Everyone get’s nervous speaking in front of people and I can’t imagine that pressure he was under but, to faint there had to have been more going on then just nerves! Stress and lack of sleep were probably factors. As well as mentioned in the article lack of a good healthy meal and staying hydrated is a very good component of staying alert and alive. Something that was mentioned in the article that I didn’t know prior to learning this in class and being reminded of it in the article. What I am speaking of is working out. I had no idea that getting a light workout in makes your head alert and make you a better presenter. I heard a story once that really stuck about a CEO who learned about this tactic and every time he needs to address his people and speak he has a routine that he flows so that he gives the best presentation possible. The CEO I am speaking of goes on a light jog or if he is staying at a hotel for a conference he goes down to the hotel gym and runs on the treadmill. If he does this and has a nice nutrition breakfast then he is ready to give a kick butt speech. The both days that I have given a speech for a grade I made sure to wake up early enough to feel alert and sleep at a good time the night before. I usually have a hard time having breakfast that early but forcing myself I think it has made my presentation even better. This article was well written and made me put my thinking cap on. I liked it!

    • I feel bad for the guy as well it is tough to think of someone of his caliber in his company go through something like that. I also did not know that a light workout would help in the process of getting ready to deliver a speech. It’s like taking a big test or something along those lines. The best thing that I found that works for me is knowing the material and practicing your speech. Its like a band rehearsing before a show or actors before a play. What ever your method is try to use the tips given by Mr. Smith. It could be the difference between a “C” Speech and a stellar speech.

  10. “Fake fall?”
    Public speaking takes another one, i feel so bad for this guy. Im sure being a CEO of any company is no joke, add the CEO of BMW to that and you got a bomb ready to blow or in this case faint. I think besides not being mentally and physically ready, this CEO probably didn’t prepare. There’s a lot of speakers that you can look at for one minute and be able to tell whether they were prepared or not. Not being well prepared is a mistake many public speakers make, luckily for me i’m taking comm 101 and understand the being well prepared will make it easier when you’re up and speaking. Being a good public speaker includes the three levels of owning the burden to your own success. The healthy body and healthy mind idea that consists of the three things are a part of being well prepared.
    This was a pretty good article to read. Throughout reading this, you understand that nothing bad comes out of being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t been working out lately and i can tell it’s starting to take a toll on me. I’ve been getting lazier and i’ve been slowly becoming less and less active. The great thing is if you’re living in LA which everyone on this blog is, it is very easy to stay healthy. Every restaurant has a few healthy options, gyms are a mile spread apart from each other, the weather is great if you wanna workout outside. The tough part is getting a good night’s rest, everyone is always so busy running around from school, to work, to studying to chores. Its very difficult to get a good nights sleep. A good nights sleep is considered 7-8 hours if you didnt know.

  11. “Public Speaking: When the Room Starts to Spin”
    Public speaking is terrifying on its own, but when the stress of a new, coveted position mixed with lack of sleep, exercise, and poor diet choices, leaves you even just a little unprepared, it can all be so overwhelming that in extreme cases, it can manifest physically with symptoms of nausea and in this case fainting. As it has been pointed out in this thread, the importance of getting enough sleep, diet, and exercise and the impact it has not only on your physical health, but your mental health as well. If he had taken steps to increase these health components, the chances of the outcome being different, meaning that he he would have been well rested, fueled, energized, and completely ready for the terrifying press conference would have increased exponentially seeing that the actual outcome was truly unfortunate. It is interesting that such little change can bring about such a huge difference in outcome. With classes and life I find myself, probably like many of you, lacking sleep, missing exercise, and surrounded by delicious but unhealthy food. Change will be a slow process for me, but it will eventually happen.
    As for the article itself, I thought it was well written and informative, without being too technical or critical. I am sure there were many journalists that day who speculated, criticized, accused, or mocked. Instead the author chose to inform and warn of the need for healthy living, especially in the case of public speakers who are often required to do so as part of their high stress level jobs, usually held by business professionals and upper level managers who may sometimes feel they might not have the time or the need to administer a healthier lifestyle. But watching the video alongside this article might just change some minds. What the author presents is general knowledge, healthy living helps in strengthening your ability to be prepared and capable of dealing with life’s challenges. These are things we know we should be doing but have ignored either for the sake of convenience, or exhaustion. I am guiltier than most in this respect, but the sooner I begin to make small changes, the easier it will be. Maybe one day I will be required to speak, representing a company or cause, and remember this article, which will give me the confidence to know that yes, for a fact, I am ready to speak.

  12. Unexpected mishap
    Speech preparation is the most important element to a successful presentation and also the best way to reduce nervousness and combat fear. I seriously believe that Harald Kruger might have prepared for the speech but did not do the necessary things to prepare himself physically and emotionally by during the three things mentioned by Professor Smith which are sleeping, eating healthy and staying hydrated, light cardio workout followed by a cool shower. Not being prepared physically can be as a result of work and stress. As the CEO of a billion dollar company like Mercedes Benz, he probably has a lot on his young shoulders trying to make sure that he create a very good impression and by so doing he forgot to take care of himself physically. Preparing for a speech is one of best ways to ensure you give an effective presentation and anxiety when not controlled could pose a problem to a good prepared speech presentation. I once read an article on how to manage anxiety during public speaking, it says that the best way to identify nervous habits is to practice your speech in front of a mirror or have a friend run a videotape, this will help you make note of how you appear. I think that he did not manage his anxiety due to stress, he probably did not get a good sleep the night before.
    This article is an eye opener and the Mercedes company did not see it coming, certainly would be disappointed in him. I think Harald is only to be blamed for not slowing down on his stress level before the speech day. This shows that no matter how highly placed you are, it does not matter if you are a professor or a CEO of a company, a better preparation equals a better performance. The tips given by Professor Smith is very important if you hope to speak successfully and he repeatedly talk about practicing severally before the speech. I believe that if Harald Kruger had taken his time to practice many times before the speech presentation he would have figured out that he needed sometime to get himself together, slow down on his stress level, have more time for sleep and rest, eat healthy, stay hydrated and get a good workout and shower. However, his employer would have been okay changing the presentation date given that the CEO was not ready.

    • As I was telling one of the other bloggers, I think if you are well prepared then there shouldn’t be any reason as to why you would be so nervous to speak publicly, if anything you should channel your nerves into a positive thing. I do agree with you though, we should give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say his got a lot on his plate, and too much weight on his shoulders and not enough time to the three things that professor Smith mentioned, but then again professor Smith did also tell us about his CEO clients who all have one thing in common, which is to wake up before the suns up and work out.

  13. “Ready, set, faint!”
    Herald Krüger is the CEO of BMW and during his speech he fainted within the first 5 minutes of his first public appearance. Now one may have many assumptions to why he would faint and what caused him to faint. In reality it can be very simple to why someone faints during their first appearance and to give a speech. The stress of being CEO of such a big company can definitely be one reason of fainting. But other reasons also go hand in hand. The most important things that Professor Duane explains in the article are a good night’s rest, a good healthy meal before the speech as well as being hydrated, and a light workout before the speech. Believe it or not, these few factors can definitely make or break your public performance. And of course let’s not forget, practice and preparation! Getting a good night’s rest seems a bit far-fetched for a CEO of one of the biggest company’s known worldwide, but I’m sure he was aware of when he was going to have his first public appearance was well as give a speech, so he should have at least gotten some sleep the night before his speech. Also when people tend to take on a great amount of responsibility all at once, they tend to breakdown and faint as well. I believe that Herald Krüger was just not as prepared as he thought he was and let his emotions and anxiety get to him. I believe the proper preparation, getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy meal, and a light workout will best prepare you for a big speech like this one as well as it will help you focus and get through the big day. As you can see proper preparation can be used for not only speech but also other professions such as being CEO of a famous company.

    • Annie, you make a great point by saying “proper preparation can be used for not only speech but also other professions”. Doctors, air traffic controllers, police officers, attorneys, CEO’s are just some of the professions that need the benefit from a good nights sleep, a healthy diet, and a minimum “light exercise”, to be best prepared for their duties, but are notorious for neglecting at least 2 of the 3 suggestions here. And many of these professions require public speaking as an additional duty aside from the normal job description. Police officers and attorneys address the court, many times in front of a jury. Doctors and CEO’s speak at conferences addressing colleagues, underlings, or potential clients and or donations. The suggestion by the author of the article and Professor Smith, can help both in the area of public speaking, and quality of life in general, no matter what your profession.

  14. The Shocking Faint

    The video was definitely shocking to me. I was not expecting that reaction and I learned that you need a good night sleep and eat a healthy meal. As individuals we tend to stress a lot and worry about everything that is going on in our lives and we don’t give our one hundred percent to what is happening at the moment. With every conflict or nervousness there are many issues we as humans face. The video was shocking to me because BMW is a huge company all around the world and the CEO was so nervous and did not get enough rest that he fainted and the scene was recorded and passed down to show speakers how you must eat right and get the rest your body needs.

    • The Shocking Faint
      What are your thoughts on the topic? What did you think of the article?

      o The video was definitely shocking to me. I was not expecting that reaction and I learned that you need a good night sleep and eat a healthy meal. As individuals we tend to stress a lot a worry about everything that is going on in our lives and we don’t give our one hundred percent to what is happening at the moment. With every conflict or nervousness there are many issues we as humans face. The video was shocking to me because BMW is a huge company all around the world and the CEO was so nervous and did not get enough rest and that he fainted and the scene was recorded and passed down to show speakers how you must eat right and get the rest your body needs. Researchers say that when you exercise before your performance you tend on becoming organized, well prepared, and energized for the presentation.
      o This article was definitely great to read and to read about all the factors of stress and nervous effects on individuals we know how to prepare ourselves for presentations we must present during our time. Also the article covers all different kinds of stress that I never knew existed from mental, emotional, and physical stress. We tend to act on all these but never knew where it came from. The three priority for a strong and healthy performance will be remembered and things to follow.

  15. “A defining moment”

    Harald Krüger initiated his position as CEO of BMW in May and 4 months later feinted at his first public appearance. Although the stress of having to perform a speech could be the culprit, given the limited context provided by the video clip, it is a possibility the stresses attached to his role as CEO accumulating over the past 4 month finally boiled over causing an overload to his vagus nerve with the speech merely acting as a minor trigger. However the conversation then transitions to mitigating levels of stress and preventing them from reaching abnormal levels to the point where they can trigger detrimental physical symptoms. Professor Smith details in his speech manual useful tips he has employed on his team when competing in high stress national competitions. Getting a goodnights rest is fundamental for proper brain function, albeit unrealistic for a CEO to maintain a regimented sleep schedule with a full 8 hours of sleep nightly, Harald could have at least ensured he obtained a full 8 hours the night prior to the speech. Professor Smith also details adequate nutrition is necessary, after all your body is only able to uptake nutrients which you consume therefore you quite literally are what you eat, with this in mind an adequate diet balancing appropriate calorie counts and nutritional demands from each food group addresses all the nutritional demands of the body. Supplementation for essential omega oils can also be beneficial. Hydration is another key aspect of nutrition, most notably, feinting is listed as a symptom of dehydration; your body requires a constant supply of water to perform at its peak. Finally to address nervous energy from anxiety of actually performing a speech, Professor Smith’s advice of light exercise in the morning followed by a cold shower immediately before the speech diffuses some of the nervous energy so the speaker isn’t a walking bag of tension. Despite Krüger’s numerous accomplishments required to reach his current position, his most memorable moment in his current career from now after will be embed in this clip. Proper preparation is of paramount importance for success in not only public speaking but any professional field.

  16. Healthy mind, body, and soul!
    I have fainted three times in my life. Two of the first times I was in high school, after I have donated blood to the Red Cross. The first time I fainted I believe it was because I was anemic and underweight. The second time, I eat better and was more prepared, but unfortunately I fainted again. Recently I was at the doctor and had a blood test done, later I went to the gym and couldn’t finish my work out because I felt nauseous and weak. The final time I fainted, was while I was getting my ankle tattoo. I just finished hiking and did not eat much that day. The pain was unbearable and mind you I have a hand size tattoo on my ribs. The artist was still doing the tattoo while I fainted. I never researched the reason for fainting, but I do know your heart rate and blood pressure do both increase. In the video, Harald Kruger, BMW’s chief executive officer, fainted during his first major public appearance within 5 minutes of show time. I know if I was in his position I might have done the same. He was most likely lacking a healthy meal, a good night’s rest, and some early morning or day work out with a followed cool shower. Professor Smith mentioned in class the importance of a cardio light workout before getting your day started, especially a speech. Before I go in to work my ideal night before would be well-rested, with a healthy mean and some activity to get me started throughout my busy day ahead. I love to hike and explore what my body is capable of. I cannot imagine the stress and nerves this man suffered during his speech, knowing his job is on the line. Public speaking is the voted the worst nightmare of most people, and this proves it!
    A good night’s rest is very important, because I don’t think anyone would want to yawn in the middle of a speech. I think it is also important to get a good rest because it will make you more alert and alive. My psychology teacher would always mention before a big test to make sure we received enough sleep the night before, because trying to crash a whole semester course in to the night with no sleep is like setting yourself up for disaster. It is definitely hard to plan healthy meals every day, but is necessary to do so. It is cheaper and easier to go to McDonalds before work or class, but so unhealthy for you, and your day will truly be affected by it in every aspect including speeches. You want a healthy breakfast that can get you ready and energized for your day! Before I go to my Speech class at Valley College at 11:20 am, I try to wake up a bit early, get my blood flowing especially if I have a speech, even if that means going to the mall to pick out the outfit I will perform in. I believe a light cardio to heavy weightlifting is so important for someone’s success. Professor Smith has mentioned in class how some CEOs of companies will say their key to success is an early morning before sunrise with a workout. Not only does a morning workout leave you time for other priorities, but you will be focused and confident to reach your goal when you attend the office or school. When I am able to work out before class I know my goal for that period. Working out in the morning can also speed up your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories throughout your day, according to Moreover, I believe if we follow these simple steps and prepare we can do great!

    • Hi Haylee,
      Well written post and great title. I have never fainted so I would not know the experience you went through but after reading your post I can see it must have been shocking and scary. Researchers say you must have a meal three times a day with little snacks in the middle to keep your metabolism running smoothly and healthy. I agree a good night rest is important for any presentation because you will become nervous and scared to speak during all presentations and you must be well rested and prepared. Sleepiness night’s effects the way you perform as well as how you speak and it is always best to be energized and ready to impress the judges and the audience.

    • Haylee_Vaughn
      Wow you are great! I completely agree with you on having healthy meals to get you through the day. And the fact that going to McDonalds or any fast food restaurant is so easy, but it will not be beneficial to you in the long run. And I completely agree in waking up a bit early to go workout, no matter what class it is or what you have to do that day. I am a huge advocate in being active and healthy and going to the gym, so I agree in your proposition. I also try my best to wake up early every single day and start my day off with yoga and then work out during the middle or evening of the day to get my blood flowing and to help become a bit more energized as well as be more focused. I love the fact of how active you are and how you try to incorporate your healthy routines into your everyday life to benefit not only you on the inside but also everyone around you. You inspire people to get up every single day to better themselves, and that is admirable.

  17. “I’m just going to lie here”
    What I find interesting is that this CEO of a very popular company gets stage fright. After working hard to get to the position he is at, you would think he would’ve been an expert at interviews and presenting at committees and have to SPEAK about himself. But I guess, if you put into perspective that millions of people are watching, I could understand why I would just want to lay down like he did. He skipped being nervous and went down to the ground. Brings me to think that not everyone can be perfect and everyone has flaws. But should be no reason to give up.
    There is always something I learn every time I read something. I knew people get stressed out about the thought of speaking publicly and just speaking alone is terrifying. But it’s hard for me to understand what’s so wrong about talking in front of a crowd. I personally love it. I don’t mind talking to anyone, nor does it make me feel comfortable. But everyone is different, and not everyone has the confidence nor the bravery to speak in crowds. I have nothing bad to say about it, but practice does help. And what I said about learning something about it, it’s true. I never thought that the mental and physical health can involve itself when public speaking. Light exercise, staying hydrated, and eating well helps somehow? I would say that is probably true. Since I myself is not afraid to talk to people I will definitely give that a try come my next speech. Even more reason to hit the gym, and eat right. Look good, feel good, and present well. It’s fun how everything has a purpose.

    • I completely agree! I think it is a bit random that the CEO of $725 billion dollar company to faint on stage is weird. I would think he would have everything from wearing the right tie to public speaking down. I guess we never truly think about how many people are really watching celebrates, or speakers on behalf of million dollar companies. It was actually scary watching this poor 49 year old skipping as he laid down confused. I am jealous of talent and love to be able to publicly speak. I took Speech class at one of the later semesters, close to last, so I did not have to face one of my ultimate fears! I do not have the confidence or bravery you have! I agree that practice does help, with everything we do especially speech. Look good, feel good and present well would have to be the quote of the day! I would also like to include that preparation is very important too!

    • Colleen_Martinez
      I totally agree with you on your thought that he worked so hard to get to where he wanted to be, a CEO of one of the most well-known car companies in the world, and he completely blows his first speech, even thought it was about himself! And I also agree that once you realize that there are millions of people watching you speak, you just have anxiety and faint. It all becomes so overwhelming and there is not much you can do after that point. By doing light exercise and practicing I think no matter what position you are in this world you can do a speech if you really prepare for it.

      • Yay! I’m glad someone agrees with me! Its so interesting to believe that EVERYONE can have a mini weakness. But yes, the anxiety sometimes gets the best of us. But breathing too helps a lot. Bring down your heart rate by breathing slowly and steadily. Its one way of being calm and collected. Would have been a sight to see if they wheeled him out in a BMW wheelchair! lol

    • That is exactly what I thought how can an expert still be scared to speak. It just really made me realize that public speaking is just always going to be a number fear of many. I was surprised it happen, but I will still able to understand just like you said if you put yourself in his shoes. It not something that just comes out, you must prepare and keep healthy all at once.
      You are really lucky if you aren’t scared to speak, maybe your one in many. Which is great, I know I have to reach that level someday because at this very moment I have done so many speeches and I still do not like it. But maybe because I am doing something wrong?

  18. Public speaking is definitely something worth preparing for. You are the center of attention and you do not want to make a fool of yourself. It is an opportunity to make an impression and present yourself as a knowledge individual. The seven directives from Empowering Speech is a great guide to prepare yourself. If you are prepared and committed, I believe you can gain the confidence needed to go out there and speak.

  19. I can definetly relate to what the CEO must have been feeling as I’m sure many others can as well. Taking a speech class along with 3 or 4 other classes and still dealing with your personal life is stressful and causes anxiety. You often imagine the CEO of BMW having the perfect life and stress free but there is a lot more behind the scenes than what it can come across. It would make sense that the three tips lead to a strong performance: sleep, diet and exercise on the day of your speech. That is something i have not yet tried, but will say getting about five hours of sleep the night before really does take a toll upon my performance. I don’t think public speaking is an easy task to do but with the help of preparation and practice it becomes easier each time.

  20. This really does show you that public speaking is a race that you need to prepare for. Of course for some it does come a little bit more naturally than others, but it is still a muscle that needs to be exercised and maintained to be relatively skilled at it. Working as an Emergency Medical Technician I come across a lot of patients who faint due to many different things, but a lot of these things are manageable if you take proper care of your physical well being and mental well being. It is easier to say than do, but to be a well rounded individual we must ultimately manage our lives with an appropriate amount of balance. Only you have the key to find that balance.

  21. Public speaking can really be a gut-wrenching experience. Becoming a center of attention for a large group of people, presenting your thoughts in a systematic and persuasive manner, getting your ideas across while keeping your audience engaged – these are not easy tasks, especially for a beginner. It is hardly surprising that Harald Kruger fainted five minutes into his speech at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Aside from being mentally prepared for this challenge, it is important to be prepared physically. I find that good hydration and some exercise in particular are very helpful. I would also advise good preparation, rehearsing and planning ahead. Different people manage stress differently, but following these guidelines is likely to minimize anxiety and stress for public speakers.

  22. Wow! This just shows that life is about balance, in all realms. I can only imagine the day to day stress he endures. Most successful people are very hard on themselves and stress tremendously about things that they don’t need to. All of those psychological burdens on top of the pressure to speak eloquently in front of a body of people can take a huge toll on a person. Sleep, exercise, and everything suggested for the best outcome can sometimes still not be enough or even be too much to ask a person so successful. Often times they don’t get enough sleep, or even take the time to eat some food. You never know what a person is going through or how much it takes for person to control their anxiety. But as this posts states, you have to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Balance, balance, & more balance.

  23. What a horrible thing to happen! Harald Kruger may have had a physical response to the stress and anxiety of being on stage as stated. I think either way, he needed medical attention for him to jolt and then collapse how he did. From his expression, he looked more embarrassed than anything. The suggestions of getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy meal, exercising, and having a cold shower are excellent suggestions for being ready right before a speech. I think the cold shower would definitely wake me up especially since I’m not a cold shower person. I will be making good use of my time by preparing my speeches well in advance and. I hope that I never find myself in this situation.

  24. Harald Kruger may have had a physical response to the stress and anxiety of being on stage as stated. I think either way, he needed medical attention for him to jolt and then collapse how he did. From his expression, he looked more embarrassed than anything. The suggestions of getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy meal, exercising, and having a cold shower are excellent suggestions for being ready right before a speech. I think the cold shower would definitely wake me up especially since I’m not a cold shower person. I will be making good use of my time by preparing my speeches well in advance and. I hope that I never find myself in this situation.

  25. It is crazy to think that such a powerful and wealthy man, which usually equates to confidence, could have so much anxiety that he fainted. Controlling your anxiety is key, but sometimes your nerves get the better of you and it simply feels like a downward spiral that you cannot control. As was stated in the post a good nights rest, good diet, and hydration can help. Preparation is a big key to feeling confident and a good way to keep anxiety to a minimum. Focusing on your mind on the task at hand and not all the other variables to creep into your mind help calm you down. I must say though I have felt that almost uncontrollable anxiety set in, and it feels like you can not get yourself to relax. Public speaking like everything else can be mastered I am sure through practice and preparation.

  26. I find it crazy how this guy reacted. I mean thinking that this guy is the CEO to BMW and could not give a speech is ridiculous. Many people have speech anxiety and they have to learn how to manage it which this guy didn’t cause if he did he would of been prepared just like we learned in class that preparation is key. If he was prepared he would’ve gone out and won the audience immediately. Even though you’re the CEO of BMW you still have to practice certain things in order to get better. Yes he maybe the CEO of a company but now some people will look at him as a wimp instead of someone with power.

    • I think its wrong to judge him based on this one performance. You are right that many will have a certain opinion or look at him in a certain light, but everyone fails and public speaking is no different. A man of his stature and standing should definitely work on his skill set when it comes to public speaking, because he is probably going to have to deal with it more often. His preparation may have been on point, but other factors, such as lack of sleep, dehydration, or a poor diet could have affected him. I do agree with you that no matter you position in life, preparation and practice should be a priority so that things like this do not occur.

      • I agree! Just because he has a high position doesn’t make him any different than us. He is still human and has everyday struggles just like many others deal with. It’s normal to make mistakes and fall down as long as he learns from them and takes the three tips into account: sleep, diet and exercise. The three tips would ensure him to have a better performance for the next presentation!

      • I agree with you as far as not passing blame but i think is much more than passing blame. This article is trying to bring awareness to the lack of speech preparedness. In other words if you are going to appear in a crowd is so much a whole new ball game than calling one of your staff into your office, so one has to be absolutely ready in order to combat fear and anxiety. So the highlight of this whole conversation i believe is to create awareness on what to do in order to really prepare for public speech. Criticism, dialogue, conversation are components that are necessary in a society to achieve a higher enlightenment for mankind as a whole.

  27. I certainly don’t think Harald Krüger was nervous. This man makes multi million dollar decisions every day that affect his company and the thousands of people working for him. His nerves are used to constant pressure and a tight agenda. However I do believe his body was definitely not ready to go on stage like he was. I am going to assume he did not get much sleep the night before and was rushed the whole day. He probably even forgot the drink a glass of water. That is a big no no, one must always take of their body and mind. I’m definitely sure Harald Krüger learned a valuable lesson from this mishap. I certainly did.

    • That is very true Mehrab but in order to be successful in life you must commit to what your doing. This means that he should of made an agenda of things needed to get done before his time ran out. Yeah he’s a CEO of a multibillion dollar company but he should’ve been prepared to show the audience what he is made out of , sooner or later they are going to over-throw him from his position because he can’t give speeches. A companies goal is to increase profits not have people like him put the companies name down.

    • I actually agree with you! A person becomes a CEO of such a large company for a reason, and I am pretty sure he has what is needed to represent this company since he was chosen for this position. I guess the thing he needs to learn is that sometimes when you feel bad, you need to make a step back. I think that his body probably was giving him signs that it wasn’t ready, but he didn’t listen. As a result, the whole world is talking about his moment of shame.

    • I completely have to agree with you Mehrab. One who is constantly in the public eye probably does not pass out like that because of their nerves. It is probably more of a physiological problem. The amount of a workload he has is probably more than we can imagine. The Japanese have something called Karoshi and it is when people die while working because they are overworked too much. Of course we do not know exactly why he passed out, but this could be a result of a much greater issue which is stress.

    • That is a great point Mehrab! Maybe he was not nervous and just not prepared correctly! His company must make hundreds of important business plans under his control every day! Why would a speech affect him this far? Maybe the idea of hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world watching him did effect his performance. I know it would to me. I think this is great for us as students to all watch and learn from his mistakes. Professor Smith’s advice is really words to live by not only for a speech, but day to day routines. Get a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, and a light cardio with a cold shower!

    • I disagree with your assumption, i believe that speaking to a staff of mostly friendly employees is less traumatic than speaking to a group of industry people, news media and the likes. Stress or public speaking anxiety can only be the culprit in his situation. Just like Professor Smith said that the fear of public speaking is considered the number one fear in life, so preparation and practice is always the key. Rehearsing your speech makes you a master of the content and is very important for one to be good at what he/she is doing. More preparation certainly decreases anxiety.

  28. This class stresses that preparation is the key to success, and I 100% agree with that. I grew up dancing and would get extremely nervous before going on stage if I didn’t feel like I had prepared long and hard enough. Feeling prepared reduces feelings of stress and anxiety in any situation. Being a BMW CEO is a lot of pressure and people were probably expecting a lot out of Harald Krüger’s speech. If he would have prepared, he might not have gotten as overwhelmed and could’ve avoided fainting.

    The preparation before a speech can be applied to anything in our lives. A good workout is the best way to start the day in my opinion. You release endorphins and just feel awake and ready to conquer the day. Getting enough sleep is also extremely important so that we have energy. One thing I personally have been trying to work on is drinking more water. Sometimes when I get busy I forget to stay hydrated, but hydration is extremely important to our health. Healthy body, healthy mind.

  29. Based on the discussion, there are two main opinions about this situation. I think that we can only guess whether health issues,stress, or an absence of proper preparation was an issue, but based on personal experience I can say that I would probably choose the preparation absence side. I agree with the point made in the article, and I do believe that good sleep, proper hydration and diet, and a cardio or meditation are essential things to do before performing in front of a large audience. It would be stressful no matter what, but amount of stress could me managed by following simple steps. For example, last semester I have had a final design class project presentation in an architecture firm, and it was a very first experience presenting in front of professionals. It was my fifths final in two days, and as many students I didn’t have a proper sleep for almost a week preparing for all the exams, so this one happened to be my last final and I was barely holding on my feet, tired and exhausted. Adding all of that to the stressfulness before presentation, ones I have started, I was so nervous (and usually I am not), I was talking really fast, repeating same things over, and shaking like crazy, so my professor stopped me at one point and told me: “take a breath, you’re doing fine.” When it was over I could not remember a thing I have said. I was dissatisfied with my performance, and I think this is a great representation of the value of proper preparation.

    • As a current student who previously took a few years off, and trying to make up the time as quickly as possible, I can relate to the situation you found yourself in. With multiple finals and a speech to prepare for, it is often difficult to find the time to eat right, exercise, and sleep well, especially when we feel compelled to work through the night in order to feel more prepared. I was also in the same situation as you, not to the same extent, but with the same result. I drank a whole bunch of energy drinks, stayed up all night, and didn’t exercise. During the speech my whole body shook. I had already gotten through a couple of finals when this presentation was scheduled. Needless to say I was not happy with my performance, and wish I could’ve done it better.

  30. Well that was an interesting video. Kruger looked like he was absolutely struggling. That goes to show that if you are not prepared you will literally fall. I don’t really think it is something that has to do with physical more mental. Someone can do 100 push ups before they speak, but if they are not mentally as strong what good is that. I agree with everyone here that preparation is key. That is just like in sports. You do not just show up to a game and be great. One has to prepare and practice. So for Kruger, it looked like ultimately he was unprepared and that made him more nervous- him and his speech fell.

  31. Watching the video and reading some of the comments really confused me, different people had different opinion and mine is no exception, I’d like to point out that after he fell and the security helped him get up he still seemed like he was dizzy, i think he had health problem or maybe just had no energy, I highly disagree with people saying that he did not practice well enough, I don’t think it has anything to do with practicing because he fell as he was giving a speech he was not having difficulty talking, it would be different if he was neurotic and couldn’t get his mind straight, but he was doing perfectly fine i think the reason for this incident was some what health related.

  32. Wow!!! This just shows that it does not matter who you are. Whether you are the CEO of a company or just a college student giving another speech for class, this could happen to anybody. Fear of public speaking does not discriminate!!! He probably has not had any practice or preparation of any sort because even with just a little practice in class, my jitters seem to be going away little by little. I would have imagined that a man with that kind of means and status would take his position more seriously by at least hiring someone to help him prepare for that speech. And with that practice and preparation he should have done much better… or at least not fallen on his ass and almost lose his toupee like he did.

    • I agree with you completely. Preparation is the way to kill a speech. Someone can be the world’s biggest and strongest man, but in public speaking he could be the smallest. It is so crazy how public speaking can do that to someone. I think it is pretty cool. if you can speak with just preparation and practice you can be the one to own it. I still get a little nervous when I speak but I always try to be prepared and to know what I am talking about. I do not what to look like a fool to the audience.

  33. Whether addressing the company during an inaugural speech, or walking onstage for a speech competition, preparation is key. As our class has emphasized, preparation is a speaker’s penultimate responsibility to garner both a positive first impression but also credibility in the eyes of the audience. However, as the article intimates, preparation is not limited to what is being said on stage, but it is also being mindful of the physiological and psychological demands required to perform what is commonly referred to as the number one fear in most people, public speaking.
    On the one hand, I sympathize with Harald Kreuger’s unfortunate incident during his speech. The message he was going to deliver, no matter how inspiring and relevant to the company he is chosen to lead, is marred by his lack of preparation. However, as the CEO of BMW, a position that is so highly revered, there is a small consolation in seeing such a powerful man be “human”, subject to the same frailty and flaws as any other person that struggles with public speaking.

  34. Boy, it’s too bad Krueger would faint in front of everyone and need to be escorted away. What’s really interesting is the way that it looks like his legs gave out before his voice did- he was still trying to talk while he was starting to faint! Perhaps a quick workout before his speech could’ve helped control his nerves. I never expected that such key components to giving good speeches were such simple and basic things like getting sleep, eating well, and doing exercise! Good thing for me I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep before speech class, do twenty to thirty minutes of exercise in the morning, and then make sure to eat a filling breakfast! However, that breakfast is usually Ramen noodles which probably aren’t the healthiest choice, but it works for now!

    • Ariana,
      The article and your testament that resting, eating, and jump starting the nerves seem such an easy remedies to help combat public speaking jitters. But they are easily ignored by a person preparing for a speech as their focus is only on the delivery of their message rather than also including their state of mind and body leading up to their time on stage.
      You’re spot on in mentioning that carving time for breakfast (even if it’s ramen noodles – you can argue that some cultures actually serve noodles and rice for breakfast!) is super important – not only leading up to a speech, but for one’s overall health.

    • Ariana,

      I also noticed his body giving out before his speaking did. Usually when I get really nervous I can feel my hands start to shake and my heart rate increases. It isn’t until my body starts reacting that my mind realizes I’m nervous. Once my mind starts to notice my body’s reactions, then I might stutter or let my nerves come out in my speech. When I’m well prepared, these nerves decrease and I feel way more in control of my body and my mind.

      Its awesome that you manage to get 7 hours of sleep, a workout, and breakfast all in before class! I’m not a morning person, so usually it’s a struggle for me to get out of bed, which leads to me rushing out the door and forgetting breakfast. However, I do feel so much better if i start my day off with a workout and breakfast.


    • Ariana,

      I completely agree. I don’t think he was ill prepared to give his speech mentally. In fact he probably spent too much time preparing, that he didn’t give his body a break. One must always balance out resting the body and preparing for a speech. Also a good breakfast is key also! Even though its not a five-star breakfast, having a little something is better than nothing.

  35. I don’t think I would get to that extent that I would faint at worst ill just probably walk out because of the embarrassment of freezing in front of an audience. I can only Imagine how hard it is, if I get scared just with a group of 20 now imagine 1,000. I would think that he knows the title he carries and what his job requires him to do. I think in this case he was just not prepared and that are the consequences. If I was in his shoes making the money his making you better believe I would have everything on point.

  36. This is what I fear when I get up to speak because I get very nervous. I’m starting to feel some relief when I speak in class because of the exercises we do in class. Preparation is definitely key! I wound not want this to happen to anyone. If I were in the audience I would think to myself, wow CEO of BMW that’s awesome why would he feel fear talking about what he does. Practice makes perfect and this could happen to anyone no matter what you do!

    • My fear is not that I would faint but what if I freeze and start stuttering or tumbling on my words, but just like you said I am getting better at not getting scared that much because of the exercises that we do. They really help you out a lot. The CEO was maybe at fault here because if he would had been better prepared maybe this incident would have not happened.

  37. I feel bad for Mr. Kruger. It must be a very difficult challenge to become the chief executive officer of such a big important company as BMW. Then to top that off, he has to give a speech in front of so many people, both live in person, and those watching through the computer or television. It is a great deal of stress. I hope that he is okay, and did not face any serious employment consequences as a result of his fainting. It must be hard for somebody in that position to always be at their best shape in terms of rest and nutrition. I assume that he is always busy with work-related matters, and hardly has any free time.

    • I agree with you on the fact that I do hope that this incident had no negative effect on his job. At the same time, I would want the CEO of a company to handle his own no matter how busy they are. This is why they get the big bucks. He had to have known that with his position he had to speak in front of an audience sooner or later. And I’m always reading that CEO’s are busy at golf courses. So if you don’t think he had no time to prepare and practice, I beg to differ.

  38. Wow, I am sure that there is not one person that would want to be in Harald Kruger’s shoes after such a massive fail! The whole thing just seems surreal when you watch it. This goes to show that no matter where or who you are giving a speech to, preparation is so important. I don’t know what Kruger’s situation was before he gave this speech, and whether or not he was physically and emotionally preparing for the pressures of this presentation, but this is clearly an example of someone who is not properly controlling their anxiety. Kruger allowed his anxiety to get the best of him, rather than making steps to try to calm himself. Because of that, and the fact that this video will always be on the internet, Kruger has a pretty embarrassing performance that he will probably never be able to rid himself of.

  39. It is really shocking that someone who has reached this level of success could be that nervous, so I’m very curious as to what was really going on with him. Was he hypoglycemic? Was he dehydrated? It also looked like he was locking his knees at the beginning of the video which I know can lead to dizziness and problems with equilibrium. This episode also makes me wonder what his future will be with this company because it makes him appear so weak. No one wants to see their leader in this light. It’s really unfortunate that this was apparently his “first impression” (at least in public) as the new CEO, and he ended up on the floor. Terrible! I’m so sad for the man and wished he had prepared more thoroughly.

    • It is really shocking Angela. I always assumed that people who made it that high up in life did not suffer from these types of problems. It is a very unfortunate incident indeed. He might have been dehydrated, or did not get enough rest, or maybe the pressure was simply too much for him. Hopefully he will not be judged harshly by this event.

  40. Fear is always there, but if you manage to control your emotions you will accomplish success. To watch Harald Krueger faint in front of a big crowd it is vary devastating mistake, better yet, sad to think that a CEO of a well known car manufacture went through something like this. All because… there was no preparation. Sometimes we think that practice is not necessary, but clearly even the best speaker can have such moments that could be avoided if we just put the time into it. We all have to consider that public speaking is the number one fear, but the only way to control it is by acknowledging that fear might always be there.On the other hand, there are steps to control anxiety, as explained in class we must take the time necessary to practice in front of a mirror, timing ourselves, having a good rest the night before, no drinking alcohol the night before, instead.. water, and most importantly waking up early to do some exercise to pump your blood just a little bit.

    • I agree with you that for most people, fear and anxiety are always there. I wonder if he consciously suffered from more anxiety than an average person especially on this day or if he was potentially in denial about his anxiety and that’s what forced him to prepare less? For me, I’m not sure about practicing directly in front of a mirror, but I definitely speak aloud and rehearse looking out into a room as if speaking to my audience, whether at the wall or to the couch, etc.. Doing this over and over can absolutely help prepare you for the real deal, but let’s face it, nothing’s like really being there!

    • Zussette, interesting comment. I wouldn’t go as far as assuming he didn’t prepare. As stated in the post, there are several factors that could have caused Mr. Krueger to faint. Everyone says “don’t stress,” “control your stress levels” that simple thing is nearly impossible for some people such as myself. I totally agree with the fact that one needs to be prepared when speaking to an audience. Sometimes your body doesn’t do what your mind tell it to. Being that there was no evidence that he didn’t prepare, I can’t agree with your conclusion of this. I do however agree 100% that practice, exercise, and preparation is the perfect framework for success in public speaking, and nearly everything else in life

  41. What a devastating experience. Clearly Harald Krueger has the skills to deliver a successful speech or he likely would not have become the CEO of BMW. I believe that for many people a cause of failure in public speaking is not being honest with yourself. If you don’t acknowledge the real challenge and difficulty in public speaking it becomes easy to convince yourself that your interpersonal skills will carry over to an entirely different arena: that of presenting to a large sea of expectant faces. Once a person realizes the challenge they face they can begin to prepare: organize and structure the speech, remember bullet points, practice in front of a mirror while using a stop watch. Possibly one of the most helpful exercises is practicing in front of friends and family as it gives you a small taste of what you will experience when you take the podium.

    • Rita, I thought your comment was really interesting because it offers a pretty probable cause for why this happened. It is pretty unbelievable that a person in that sort of position would just fall apart on such a colossal level. Maybe Kruger just assumed that since he’s gotten to where he is, delivering a speech will be easy. I think a key of public speaking is over-preparing, because the more prepared you are, the better you are able to deal with whatever happens while you are giving your presentation.

  42. Harald Krueger’s fainting spell caused by fear and anxiety brought on by giving his first public speech as the CEO for BMW. I can only imagine being in such a nerve wrecking position and having that much pressure put on me from having so many people looking up to me and expecting me to deliver an amazing and educating speech. This just goes to show that no matter how powerful, rich, or successful a person is, everyone is humbled by public speaking and have similar fears about it. Everyone needs to properly prepare for a speech before giving one no matter if its a small presentation in front of some coworkers or a huge presentation on live tv with millions of viewers watching. To me, the best way of preparing for a speech is practicing in the mirror and timing myself to make sure I am at the correct time limit for whatever I am aiming for. Also, getting a full night of sleep is important and remembering to breathe and just relax before going on to deliver the speech helps me out a lot as well.

    • I could not agree with you more, it is very sad to see what Harald Krueger went through. This simply proves what you mentioned in your comment… that even the most powerful, rich, and successful people can go through such fears that attack them and if they do not put the time into it, than that brings us to even worse consequences. I must confess that I also love practicing in front of the mirror, it simply helps to feel more confident when your time to do it in real life comes up.

  43. Fainting in front of an audience during a speech is very common among today’s society. Public speaking is the number one fear of most individuals and it is really difficult to overcome that fear, however not impossible. A majority of public speakers are nervous during their speeches and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Little tasks such as getting a good night’s rest, staying hydrated, eating healthy,and preparing for your speech are very important in public speaking. If one is not prepared he or she may find him/herself more anxious and nervous and as a result that individual can faint like Mr. Harald Kruger. Harald Kruger’s story should be noticed by individuals everywhere and remind them what happens one one does not better prepare for a speaking engagement.

    • Before this, I didn’t really realize that it was a common thing for people to faint in front of an audience while delivering a speech! I know almost everyone gets nervous, but I can only imagine ever getting so nervous to the point of fainting if I was in Harald’s position with the pressure in such a high up position and in front of so many viewers. I agree that the little things like sleeping well, drinking water, eating healthy and especially preparing are extremely important. It definitely helps relieve some anxiety but you will never get rid of all of it, and as we have learned that can be a good thing.

  44. Harald Kruger’s fainting is just the nightmare that grips many of us as we walk to the front of a podium or an audience. While not everyone can say they feel confident in public speaking we can still do small tasks to help us with our anxiety. Having a good nights rest, being hydrated and prepared I think are the three most important tasks we should follow. This story should be applied to life in it’s self, if your not prepared there will be bigger problems ahead rather than small problems that can be easily handled.

    • I agree that the fear of fainting is a nightmare that everyone endures when walking up to give a speech. And your right not everyone is confident when speaking publicly but people should not let their fears sand in the way of great opportunities. In my opinion being prepared is one of the most important aspects of public speaking. If some one is expected to give a speech in front of an audience no matter how big or small a person needs to prepare. Without preparation things like getting overwhelmed and fainting could happen.

    • What an excellent point you made in uniting the need for preparation in both life and public speaking. I know from my own experience that this is true. Having an “organized mind” as the Professor mentioned during our last class is usually achieved through careful preparation. When you lack this determination and focus life as well as public speaking does not go smoothly. Taking the necessary steps throughout life and before a public speech although perhaps not the easiest option from one moment to the next usually proves the best and smoothest option overall. `

      • Yes, I agree with you about being prepared both in public speaking and in life. I think that public speeches go smoother if you’re very prepared because then the only thing you have to worry about is actually executing the speech correctly whereas if you don’t prepare, you have to both worry about the content of your speech AND executing it, which leads to an unorganized mind, and most likely an unfocused presentation! And when it comes to day-to-day life, it’s always better to be prepared for everything you can; you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

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