Academic Decathlon State Competition Success

My brother in law was head of admissions for a major university. He urged me to find a speech coach for my three teenage daughters because he was amazed at how unprepared most students are when it comes to the college interview process. Initially, I called Duane after one of my daughters struggled delivering a speech at school. Within an hour of my phone call, Duane contacted me and took the time to explain about his workshop and what he does. He was kind enough to give me helpful tips that my daughter could use immediately. Duane is professional, organized and packs in information that is easy to understand and utilize in a fun and interesting manner. What better gift to give my children than to help prepare them not only college but for the time when they will enter the workforce. My daughter Bella went on to the Academic Decathlon State competition a month later and received a near perfect score! It was a one of the best decisions I made for their future.