Cured Decades of Public Speaking Phobia

After suffering several decades with a severe case of public speaking phobia, it was such a relief to hear Duane say that it is completely normal and that your fear when channeled correctly can empower you and make you a better and more entertaining presenter. What an amazing way to turn a negative into a positive. As the CEO of a large company and a leader in the community the pressure to sound powerful, intelligent and informed when presenting is tremendous. We came away from the workshop with very tangible and concrete tools to create a presentation that works. More importantly, Duane’s workshop connected with everyone who attended. I had many of my folks say they can’t believe that sat still and listened for 3 hours straight. We all hung on to every word and connected with the content. Bravo Duane! Your life stories, candid humor and professionalism gave all of us hope that we can be public speaking champions in our own right.